Forklift Trucks help ensure operator safety.

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Featuring fully floating and vibration-isolated driver's cell with adjustable suspension seat and steering column, X-Range Forklift Trucks minimize transmission of drive train vibration to operator. Overhead guard is isolated from chassis for maximum protection. Optimal versions include Driver Presence Sensing system, which automatically locks all hydraulic functions as well as drive to transmission if operator leaves seat. Optimal + models additionally incorporate anti-rollback system.

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Nexen's New X-Range Lift Trucks Designed with Total Operator Safety in Mind

Nexen's latest X-Range counterbalanced forklift trucks represent a breakthrough in the design of materials handling equipment where health and safety considerations are as important as reliability and performance.

The Suffolk based company has used the very best virtual design software to produce a high quality end product not only bristling with innovative operational features but also offering outstanding levels of operator comfort and safety.

All models in the new range feature a spacious, fully floating and vibration isolated driver's cell with a fully adjustable suspension seat and steering column - all aimed at minimising the transmission of drive train vibration to the operator. In addition, an extremely strong overhead guard, fully isolated from the chassis, ensures maximum protection and driver fatigue is minimised thanks to the very low levels of noise achieved by the design team.

The Optimal versions of the X-Range also feature DPS, a driver presence sensing system. This system automatically locks off all hydraulic functions as well as drive to the transmission if the operator leaves his seat for any reason.

The Optimal + models go one step further by incorporating a highly effective anti-rollback system which provides great operator confidence when working on ramps or inclines. This feature is usually only available on hydrostatic drive machines but Nexen has developed a system for its torque converter drive trucks which, once a dashboard mounted switch is pressed, will automatically apply the brakes when the forklift stops.

All X-Range trucks also feature a rigid one-piece chassis and low centre of gravity for good torsional rigidity and stability and are equipped with 'Smart Dash', a full engine monitoring system which triggers both audible and visual advance warnings via a LCD display unit covering all major engine functions. This system will automatically switch off the engine if any problem is not rectified within a specified time in order to prevent damage.

More information from: Pam Oakes,
Nexen Lift Truck Technology.
Riverside Road,
Suffolk, NR33 0TU.
Tel: (01502) 532211

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