Force/Position Sensors, Touchpad offer antimicrobial protection.

Press Release Summary:

Force, position, and mouse pointing sensors of AM™ Sensor Line offer hard coated film with antimicrobial protection. Products include VersaPad® input touchpad for finger-tip based cursor pointing or stylus-based pen input for electronics signature and character recognition applications, Force Sensing Linear Potentiometer Sensor for simultaneous capture of position and force, and Ring Sensor. Latter is used for capturing rotary position and enables intuitive scrolling and menu navigation.

Original Press Release:

Interlink Electronics Introduces Revolutionary Antimicrobial Sensor Solutions for Next Generation Products

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Interlink Electronics, Inc. (OTC: LINK) announced today the launch of their revolutionary AM™ Sensor Line, an enhanced range of force, position and mouse pointing sensors with an unique hard coated film with antimicrobial protection which will allow them to be used in the next generation products where cleanliness is critical.

There is growing evidence from a number of studies that everyday objects and surfaces can support bacteria that can cause odours and stains.

AM™ Sensor Line from Interlink Electronics provides constant and dependable antimicrobial product protection and an added level of defense against damaging microbes for the useful lifetime of the products.

The touchable surfaces of the AM™ Sensor Line inhibit the growth of microbes on contact, working continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a product without antimicrobial protection. The AM™ Sensor Line is ideal for users where resisting the growth of microbes from surfaces where product protection is needed the most is a key objective.

The AM™ Sensor Line gives any application a competitive advantage in a world that focuses on cleanliness. Interlink`s AM™ Sensor Line is designed for next generation applications in which preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew is a priority.  Antimicrobial protection is not a substitute for proper cleaning practices and does not protect users from disease carrying organisms.

The AM™ Sensor Line includes 3 solutions so far:

VersaPad® is an input touchpad solution for finger-tip based cursor pointing or stylus-based pen input for electronics signature and character recognition applications. The Interlink VersaPad® touchpad is a mousing solution for OEM and rugged applications. The module`s tough, moisture and scratch resistance surface can be used with a finger, stylus or glove even in harsh environments. The built-in antimicrobial protection, unique design aesthetics and the ease of integration makes VersaPad® the most innovative, durable and cost effective user interface for electronic devices.

The Force Sensing Linear Potentiometer (FSLP) Sensor is Interlink`s solution for capturing position and force simultaneously in compact applications. The FSLP simplifies input design saves critical room and saves battery life. The sensor`s tough, moisture resistant surface can also be used with finger, stylus or glove even in harsh environment. Available now with the built-in antimicrobial protection, FSLP with its rugged design, high resolution, low power consumption and ease of integration is ideal for medical instruments, home entertainment devices, control panels and mobile phones.

The Ring Sensor is Interlink`s solution for capturing rotary position in compact applications. The Ring Sensor enables intuitive scrolling and menu navigation for consumer electronic devices in an easy to integrate, high resolution, ultra low-power package. It is ideal for controlling menu input in medical equipment, control panels, media players, mobile phones, , and home entertainment devices.  It can also be used in streaming media, audio, balance, play lists and gaming functions that involve rotation and steering. The sensor can be integrated directly into the device's host processor without the need for a dedicated microprocessor. Available now also with built-in antimicrobial protection the Ring Sensor measures position along a circular path, it is easy to integrate and has a unique rugged design.

“Innovation is part of our DNA here at Interlink.  The AM™ Sensor line is another example where we have identified an added value feature and incorporated it into our standard product line” said Jeff Baker, Chief Technology Officer.  “Our products are used in environments where cleanliness is critical and in many multi-user applications so it makes sense to incorporate antimicrobial properties and help create a cleaner work environment”.

The AM™ Sensor Line from Interlink Electronics is a state of art sensor solution for successful next generation products. For more information on specific product representation go to:

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