For Scandisign AS Any Bus Can Fit!

Scandisign, a member of Norway´s SafeRoad Group, is one of the leading suppliers of LED-based traffic signs and energy effective illuminated signs for multi-story car parks and airports. Its customers often require products which communicate in various ways. By integrating Anybus-IC from HMS Industrial networks in its traffic signs, the group has ensured a short time to market and a flexible, smooth-running solution.

Scandisign AS was charged with implementing a new system requiring a lane closing sign with Profibus communication for a tunnel project in Oslo. Scandisign AS turned to the HMS authorized distributor, AD Elektronikk of Norway, in order to help create a flexible, slim and cost efficient solution. AD Elektronikk chose to integrate Anybus-IC into the sign to handle the Profibus communication. It gave Scandisign AS signs a quick, safe, slim and flexible road to the final product.

Quick implementation

Time to market is very important for Scandisign AS, as the company must provide efficient delivery that corresponds to clients´ needs. So when the need for a sign with Profibus communication came up, Scandisign had to find a solution quickly. The final products were to be used in »Festningstunnelen», an underground tunnel in central Oslo. Scandisign initiated a co-operation with AD Elektronikk. AD Elektronikk had quickly developed and designed a solution including Anybus-IC, a regulator, switch and a micro controller. The elements were then integrated in Scandisign´s already existing printed circuit board. The board was then sent to Scandisign´s own manufacturer for final production. More than 500 circuit boards with Anybus-IC have now been implemented in the tunnel.

Flexible change between two communication systems

A few months later Scandisign AS had a new request from the customer: they now needed connectivity over Ethernet/Modbus TCP instead of Profibus. Scandisign AS was able to fully understand the flexibility of the Anybus solution. Within a few weeks they were up and running with the new connectivity. AD Elektronikk solved this new way of communicating by designing a second circuit board that was placed on top of the existing board, a so-called piggy back. The Anybus-IC and the Ethernet RJ45 connector were placed on the carrier and then connected to the main board. They also made minor updates of the firmware to handle both Profibus and Ethernet. In this way the same main board is used for both communication solutions. Today inorder to make the product even cheaper to produce AD Elektronikk works on re-designing the circuit board which will give a better solution and give more flexibility to the signs.

The Anybus-IC is a family of complete interchangeable single chip interfaces for industrial networks. It is optimized for field devices, where small size and multiple network connectivity are important. Everything is integrated into a single board solution that fits perfectly into a standard DIL32 chip socket consuming only 9 cm² in size. The Anybus-IC contains all the digital and analog hardware as well as all necessary software to communicate with the selected network. It is a proven solution that has been tested and approved for fieldbus/Ethernet conformity. Anybus-IC is available as Profibus-DP slave, DeviceNet adapter, CANopen slave, Profinet slave and a combined EtherNet/ IP adapter/Modbus-TCP slave. All Ethernet versions of the Anybus-IC contain industrial IT functions in addition to the real-time Ethernet protocol. The IT functions include a dynamic embedded web server, FTP server and Email client.

Scandisign AS is a member of the SafeRoad Group. Scandisign AS was established in 1998 and has today become one of Norway´s largest suppliers of LED-based traffic signs and illuminated signs for multi-story car parks and airports. All products are developed in-house and then externally produced by co-operation partners. The company´s patented technology offers superior features for customers: Consistent lighting over big formats (width of up to 2,4m), low consumption and small plate thickness.

SafeRoad Group is a leading supplier of products and solutions for traffic safety. The group has 1.500 employees in 10 countries. The businesses comprise many solutions - such as road signs, technical products, road marking, roadway illumination, road railings and rock and tunnel securing. SafeRoad is also a supplier of marine systems, balcony systems and street furniture.

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