Foil Pillow Pouch controls liquid flow and prevents spills.

Press Release Summary:

Pillow pouches are available as manufactured from flexible, high-barrier foil film that ensures stability and prevents contamination. Material also tears easily to allow neat discharge of any liquid – cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or industrial. To enable control over dispensed liquid flow and ensure that it does not spill, this single-dose liquid packaging solution also incorporates metering channel and iris tip.

Original Press Release:

Unit Pack Introduces Foil Pillow Pouch

Unit Pack, a leading innovator of single-dose liquid packaging, has added flexible foil to the suite of films currently used to manufacture its unique pillow pouches.

Unit Pack's high-barrier foil will ensure stability and prevent contamination, but most importantly, it also tears easily, allowing a neat discharge of any liquid, whether it is a cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or industrial product.

“This is not your usual three or four-sided seal foil pouch,” Ernest Loesser, President of Unit Pack said. “This is a foil Unit Pack. Our pillow pouch has a metering channel and an iris tip, so you can control the flow of dispensed liquid and it won't spill all over the place like your usual foil pouch.”

Loesser noted that clients have desired an easy-tear solution from Unit Pack for several years. The new application of foil film reaffirms Unit Pack's dedication to customer service,  innovative research, and improvements in unit-of-use packaging.

Headquartered in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Unit Pack is a contract packager of liquids, creams, and semi-liquids for single dose and sample use. The Unit Pack pouch is manufactured with high-barrier films that provide excellent protection from oxygen, water, and other contaminants, which ensures a long shelf-life. Hot-stamped printing guarantees graphics that will not scratch, smear, or fade.

For more than fifty years, Unit Pack has recognized not only the importance of providing the best products and services, but also forging long-standing partnerships with clients working in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and industrials.


Ernest W. Loesser

Vice President

(973) 239-4112 ext. 14

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