Flywheel Couplings handle speeds to 4,200 rpm.

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Reich Arcusaflex® flywheel couplings provide torsionally soft, backlash-free connection between internal combustion engine flywheels and driven components of generators, compressors, and pumps. Rubber disc element is vulcanized to bolt-on sleeve or taper bushing hubs, providing shock absorption in environments with high angular, axial, and parallel misalignments. Combination is suited for applications with up to 140,000 lb-ft torque.

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Ringfeder Offers Flywheel Couplings For Generators, Pumps and Compressors

Westwood, NJ - Ringfeder Corporation offers a wide range of highly flexible Reich Arcusaflex® flywheel couplings designed to provide a torsionally soft and backlash-free connection between internal combustion engine flywheels and the driven components of generators, compressors and pumps.

A unique, rubber disc element is vulcanized to a choice of bolt-on sleeve or taper bushing hubs, providing extremely high torsional flexibility and shock absorption capability in work environments experiencing high angular, axial and parallel misalignments. This combination is field-proven for applications with up to 140,000 pound-feet of torque and speeds up to 4,200 rpm.

The rubber elements are available in a choice of materials selected to provide a wide variation in torsional stiffness and high temperature solutions. The standard material is a natural/synthetic rubber blend that retains its characteristics up to an ambient temperature of 176°F. A more heat-resistant version of this same material is effective to 212°F while a silicone version is available for use in applications up to 266°F.

The hub connection is attached via a bolt-on sleeve (Type AC) or by way of a taper bushing designed for quick, secure assembly (Type AC-T). Coupling flanges are of high-grade cast aluminum. Flanges are available in SAE J620 sizes from 6.5 through 24. Custom diameters, lengths and splines can be provided on request to suit any special application or customer design requirements.

Ringfeder Corporation markets a wide range of premium brand power transmission components including keyless shaft/hub connections, shock absorbing devices, flexible elastomeric couplings, flexible disc couplings, torque limiters and other specialty products.

For more information or specifications, pricing or delivery contact your local Ringfeder distributor. Our engineering and technical support groups are available for specific technical data or Q&A. Contact us at or at 800-245-2580.

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