Fluoropolymer Etched Tubing has optimized shelf life.

Press Release Summary:

Etched Fluoropolymer tubing exhibits strength that lengthens shelf life and also bolsters intensity of etch, creating strong bond when fused to other objects. Lubricity of fluoropolymer tubing surface hampers bondability/wettability, so etching is required to alter molecular structure of surface. Once this is done, tubing can be bonded to almost any surface. Etching services are available for products on ID, OD, or both, and sizes range from .060-4 in. ID.

Original Press Release:

Parker Texloc Fluoropolymer Etched Tubing Increases Shelf Life by 20%

Ft. Worth, TX - Feb 8, 2009 - Parker-TexLoc now offers etched Fluoropolymer tubing with 50% more shelf life than conventional etched products and a 20% higher dyne rating. The added strength that lengthens the shelf life also strengthens the intensity of the etch, thus creating a stronger bond when fused to other objects. Typically, the improved Fluoropolymer Etched Tubing, made to Parker TexLoc standards, has a 10% to 30% deeper etch than products etched with a similar medium and in a similar fashion. Etch depth is measured in angstroms

Because the lubricity of the Fluoropolymer tubing surface hampers its bondability/wettability, etching is required to alter the molecular structure of the surface. The chemical reaction between the etch medium and the tubing strips the fluorine molecules exposing the carbon molecules. Once the surface lubricity has been altered, the tubing can be bonded to almost any surface. Although etching alters the color of the tubing, with colors ranging from light bronze to a dark burnish brown, the color of the etch does not necessarily determine the strength of the etch.

When etched tubing is exposed to UV light or elevated temperatures the etch quality deteriorates exponentially. With Parker TexLoc etched products, the deterioration factor is decreased, thus creating the longer shelf life and the measurements showing a higher dyne and lower contact angle. A lower contact angle gives a higher dyne which is more desirable because it increases the tubes ability to bond with other objects.

Parker-TexLoc provides etching services for our products on the I.D., O.D. or both and the process is available on most product lines. Sizes range from .060" up to 4" I.D.

Samples are available upon request. For more information contact:

Parker / TexLoc
Parker Hannifin Corp., Parflex Division
Janine Kruit, Marketing Mgr.
4700 Lone Star Blvd.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76106
(800) 423-6551 Fax (800) 438-9562
email: texloc@texloc.com

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