Fluon® MPC Color Concentrates Add Color Without Causing Processing Defects

EXTON, Pa. – Fluon® Melt Processable Color Concentrates from AGC Chemicals Americas offer superb surface finish, color consistency and dispersion-- even at high-speed extrusion rates. The AGC FluoroCompounds Group scrutinizes all raw materials for compatibility and performs a proprietary quality control test multiple times throughout the production of each batch to assure that there are no pigment agglomerates that could cause processing defects such as cone breaks, lumps and spark-outs.

Users of AGC color concentrates enjoy a robust processing window in a wide range of applications including color-coded wire insulation, tubing, films and injection-molded parts. The concentrates display superior color consistency and uniformity, even at low concentrate levels, ensuring stable electrical properties. AGC concentrates are based solely on neat resin and pigment. Standard colors include white, orange, blue, green, brown, red, black, yellow, violet and gray, and custom colors are available upon request.

AGC color concentrates are based on FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF, MFA, ECTFE, ECA and PCTFE melt processable fluorinated copolymers with various flow rates. They are added to natural fluoropolymer resins and processed using conventional thermoplastic techniques such as injection molding and melt extrusion. The concentrates are supplied as cylindrical pellets, approximately 0.080” long by 0.080” diameter.

In addition to color concentrates, AGC FluoroCompounds Group offers seven other types of Fluon Melt Processable Compounds: Foam concentrates; cross-linkable compounds; conductive/anti-static compounds; reinforced compounds; lubricated compounds; flexible AR compounds; and adhesive-grade compounds. Products are RoHS and REACH compliant and free of cadmium, hexavalent chromium and lead.

Visit www.fluorocompounds.com for information about Fluon products, compounding capabilities, testing and customer support services.

About AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company Ltd., a $13 billion multinational corporation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass, electronic displays and chemical products. The company was formed in 2004 through the merging of sister companies Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers USA and AGA Chemicals. Headquartered in Exton, Pa., AGC Chemicals Americas maintains manufacturing operations in nearby Thorndale, Pa., and warehouses located throughout North America. www.agcchem.com

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