Fluid Research Increases Safety and Reduces Material Waste with Meter/Mix Dispensing Directly from Pails and Barrels

Tustin, CA - Fluid Research Corporation (FRC), a leading innovator and manufacturer of precision dispensing equipment, has introduced the RAM Series emptying and transfer systems. These machines provide accurate dispensing from barrels, drums and pails in standard and custom sizes. The result is reduced material waste, less clean-up time and reduced manual material handling and labor costs. This translates into increased safety, operating efficiency and bottom line results.

"We use progressing cavity pump technology to provide the most efficient dispense possible, with continuous flow, no pulsation and low shear," said Stephen Gordon, FRC's vice president of engineering. "We specialize in highly viscous materials and our RAM mounted pumps are used with open-top, plain or channel drums, barrels and pails."

The RAM systems can supply material directly to one and two-part meter mix systems, manual dispensing systems and/or booster pump stations. The pump and follower plate manage highly viscous products over 1 million cPs. A wiper ring seals the inner walls of the drum to remove the maximum amount of material resulting in less than 1% waste.

Fluid Research RAM systems are easy to install and integrate into robotics or an automation cell. The pail rams may be table mounted and adapted to almost any work environment. Variable speed AC motors allow for the configuration of flow, automatic or manual, to any rate needed. FRC RAM systems ensure smooth, high speed dosing of either abrasive or non-filled materials. Safety systems include a valve that will lock the cylinder in place in case of air pressure failure, not allowing the pump to fall under its own weight.

Typical industrial applications include dispensing epoxies, silicones, sealants, adhesives, paints, polymers and polyurethanes. In the food industry FRC can transfer fruit and vegetable purees, concentrates and pastes, peanut butter, honey, jams, butter, meat, dough, fats and more. Applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries include transferring mascara, petroleum jelly, creams, lotions, toothpaste, lip gloss, waxes and glycerine among other products.

About Fluid Research
Fluid Research Corporation is a recognized leader in the engineering and manufacturing of meter, mix and dispense equipment for both single and plural component reactive materials including epoxy, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, adhesives, paints, pastes, abrasive materials and more. FRC equipment is used in potting, encapsulation, coating, resin transfer molding (RTM), structural bonding, gasket forming, filter manufacturing, doming and sealing operations, and many other applications. FRC customers range from Fortune 500 businesses to small, niche market organizations and the company specializes in off-the shelf systems and highly customized solutions. FRC serves a variety of industries including electrical, electronic, medical, aerospace, marine, white goods, leisure, food, communications, automotive, and other markets. For more information, visit www.fluidresearch.com.

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