Fluid Recovery System magnetically removes contaminants.

Press Release Summary:

Used in conjunction with Maggie in-line separators, Smart Drum PLUS extracts contaminants from Maggie purge fluid and returns valuable fluid back to process. Fabricated from carbon steel, fully automatic magnetic system is epoxy coated with zero bypass design that consists of top/inlet tank and lower pan/drum tank with magnetic drum driven by motor gearbox. Single Smart Drum PLUS can accommodate purge from several Maggie systems.

Original Press Release:

ZGF Introduces the Smart Drum PLUS Fluid Recovery System

Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Smart Drum PLUS Fluid Recovery System. The Smart Drum PLUS is a fully automatic magnetic separator that is used in conjunction with the Maggie in-line separators. The purpose of the Smart Drum PLUS is to extract the contaminants from the Maggie purge fluid and return the valuable fluid back to the process. A ZGF Smart Drum PLUS is employed when there is not an existing means to remove the contaminant load and recover the fluid from the purge process. Since the purge volume is small, the Smart Drum PLUS is a compact, yet very effective and reliable tool. The Smart Drum PLUS is fabricated from carbon steel, and is epoxy coated. The zero bypass design has two primary sections - a top/inlet tank, and a lower pan/drum tank with a magnetic drum driven by a motor gearbox. A single Smart Drum PLUS can accommodate the purge from several Maggie's.

Zero Gravity Filters Maggie is an innovative and patented magnetic separation technology specifically designed for ferrous machining, grinding, honing and super-finishing operations.

For a live demonstration of the Maggie and/or the Smart Drum PLUS, or to view our entire product line, visit our booth at IMTS 2010, number E-5371.

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