Fluid Dispenser is safeguarded from accidental actuation.

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Combining syringe-type fluid container with infinitely variable, hand-held manual dispenser, Micro-Dot dispenses wide variety of materials in volumes from microliters to milliliters. Plunger extends in precise increments each time actuating lever is depressed, and output volumes can be set with twist of control knob. Safety interlock leaves plunger completely free until syringe is completely rotated into position and secured in dispenser's body.

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Micro-Dot(TM) Offers Consistent Manual Syringe Dispensing

Tridak(TM) introduces their patented Micro-Dot dispenser which combines a syringe-type fluid container with a precise, infinitely variable and repetitive, hand-held manual dispenser. The Micro-Dot functions as a complete dispensing system, allowing users to dispense a wide variety of materials with repeatability and precision.

The Micro-Dot is comprised of a plunger that extends in precise increments each time the actuating lever is depressed. Setting output volumes is easy, allowing them to be set with just a twist of a control knob. The Micro-Dot can dispense a wide range of materials in volumes from micro liters to milliliters.

The Micro-Dot dispenser incorporates a safety mechanism which safeguards against accidental actuation. This dispenser combines a syringe-like fluid reservoir with a plunger-less piston which seals the fluid being dispensed. To ensure that the syringe is always in place, Tridak has incorporated a safety interlock feature. The safety interlock leaves the Micro-Dot's plunger completely free until the syringe is completely rotated into position and secured in the dispenser's body.

Tridak specializes in fluid dispensing technology. It manufactures a complete line of precision dispense valves, electro-pneumatic dispensers and controllers, disposable packaging, and complete dispensing and filling systems for industrial assembly and packaging.

For more information, contact Tridak, 318 Industrial Lane, Torrington, CT 06790; Phone: 860-626-6700; Fax: 860-626-7692; E-mail: info@tridak.com or visit our website at www.tridak.com.

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