Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst is used with heavy residual feedstocks.

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Aegis(TM) fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst allows refiners to maximize fuel yields from FCC units utilizing heavy residual feedstocks. Refiners can adjust catalyst's zeolite-to-matrix (Z/M) ratio to calibrate yield selectivity, while optimized porosity of Distributed Matrix Structure technology platform provides Aegis with ability to reduce mass transfer limitations in FCC operations. This translates to more effective zeolite utilization and less over-cracking to coke.

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BASF Introduces Aegis(TM) FCC Catalyst to Maximize Fuel Yields from Heavy Resid Feedstocks

ISELIN, NJ - BASF, the global leader in catalysis, today announced the launch of Aegis(TM), an innovative fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst that allows refiners to maximize fuel yields from FCC units utilizing heavy resid feedstocks.

Aegis catalysts are supported by BASF's industry-leading technology platforms, allowing refiners to adjust the catalyst's zeolite-to-matrix (Z/M) ratio to calibrate yield selectivity, with superb metals tolerance and bottoms upgrading capability.

The optimized porosity of BASF's DMS (Distributed Matrix Structure) technology platform provides Aegis with the ability to reduce the mass transfer limitations present in all FCC operations, translating to more effective zeolite utilization and less over-cracking to coke.

The intimate dispersion of matrix and zeolite achieved through BASF's Prox-SMZ (Proximal Stable Matrix and Zeolite) platform provides Aegis with extremely high surface-area stability, even when operating with highly metal-contaminated feedstocks.

"Under current market conditions, refiners need a high degree of flexibility to optimize their FCC units' production output, often on short notice," said Deon Carter, BASF's Vice President, Refining Catalysts. "Aegis is the latest in a series of BASF catalyst innovations that address this need, providing a customized solution that can be fine-tuned to the specific operating conditions of each FCC unit."

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