Flue Gas Desulfurization Process Flow Enhanced with Chemineer Products

Dayton, Ohio - Chemineer offers various products designed to enhance the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) process flow. Globally, Chemineer is a leading supplier of mixing solutions and products for FGD systems.

Thousands of Chemineer agitators are currently operating in FGD service. Due to efficiency and reliability, many of these agitators have been in operation for decades. Chemineer's experience in evaluating FGD applications and supplying equipment specifically engineered for harsh FGD service ensures efficient plant operation and long, reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

Chemineer offers an array of rugged products for FGD applications. Top-entry and side-entry agitators, as well as static mixers and various other products designed to handle FGD applications are available in stainless steel, high alloys or rubber covered carbon steel. The corrosion/erosion resistance found in these materials is an important benefit for abrasive FGD applications. The Chemineer Research and Development Lab also has the capability to model any FGD mixing application, including top- and side-entry agitator orientations.

Chemineer, Inc. is dedicated exclusively to mixing technology and the manufacture of quality equipment for fluid agitation applications. Chemineer has operations in Dayton, OH; North Andover, MA; Mississauga, Ontario; Derby, England; Mexico, D.F.; Singapore, China and India. For more information, visit, www.chemineer.com.

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