Flowrox Geobag Filtration and Dewatering Unit Comes with Packaged Pumping System

Press Release Summary:

Flowrox Geobag™ Filtration and Dewatering Unit consists of container, geotextile bag, slurry pump, chemical dosing pumps, and flocculation reactor module. Unit is suitable for applications such as sewage sludge dewatering, tailings dewatering, filtration and dewatering of clay, sand and fine particles. Geobag features a drain valve that allows closed and clean operation.

Original Press Release:

Flowrox introduces Flowrox GeoBag™: All-in-one Geotextile Filtration and Dewatering Unit

Flowrox Geobag™ consists of Flowrox’s high performance Packaged Pumping System™ and Flowrox’s LPP-T (transfer pump) to ensure chemical dosing ability and high-performance pumping. The product is a water-tight floor construction with a drain valve that enables closed and clean filtration and dewatering process.

Flowrox GeoBag™ Unit includes:

The roll-off unit includes multiple items to enhance the effectiveness and success of the product, such as a container and geotextile bag, high performance slurry pump, chemical dosing pumps, and flocculation reactor module. Flowrox GeoBag™ is compatible with Flowrox Smart Solutions™. Additionally, the units can be insulated and heated for areas with colder climates.

Ideal applications:

Flowrox GeoBag™ is a great option for dewatering as it can remarkably reduce the costs related to waste handling. Flowrox GeoBag™ is suitable for sewage sludge dewatering, tailings dewatering, concentration of oily sludge, filtration and dewatering of precipitated solids and impurities, filtration and dewatering of clay, sand, and other fine particles.

Further information:

Mr. Petri Ajo

Product Line Manager, Environmental Technologies
Flowrox Oy
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