Flow Switches monitor water and lubrication.

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Comprised of variable area flowmeters with flow switches, Universal® Series monitors cooling water, circulating lubrication oil, and other clean fluids. Units include transmitter for remote readout, recording, or data logging, as well as high-amperage-limit alarm switches for troubleshooting and notification of flow failure. Models include L Series piston-style meters for very low flows from 1-3 gpm, S series for flows from 3-20 gpm, and M series for flows from 20-160 gpm.

Original Press Release:

Flow-Indicating Flow Switches for Water and Lubrication

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. announces its Universal® series of flow-indicating flow switches for flow rate consistency, reliability and low maintenance in processing applications.

The Universal® series consists of variable area flowmeters that are also flow switches for monitoring cooling water, circulating lubrication oil and other clean fluids. Vane and piston meters in the Universal® series can be used when local flow indication and mechanical flow switching, without or without an optional pot-driven 4-20 mA transmitter, are desired. The mechanical meters with switches are individually calibrated for fluids with the viscosity specified by the customer.

Flow switches from Universal Flow Monitors provide simple and reliable mechanical flow rate indication to assist in problem diagnosis and respond immediately if flow goes too low. Cost-effective features include a transmitter for remote readout, recording or data logging and high-amperage-limit alarm switches for troubleshooting and notification of flow failure (such as a loss of cooling water).

Universal® models available with flow switches include L series piston-style meters for very low flows from 1 gallon per hour to 3 gallons per minute, S series meters for flows from 3 to 20 gallons per minute, and M series meters for flows from 20 to 160 gallons per minute. Alarm switches on these models warn of low flow of cooling water to a critical process or assure flow of circulating lubricating oil to a critical machine part. All meters are available in construction materials good for either cooling water or circulating lube oil.

Flow-indicating flow switches from Universal Flow Monitors also are offered for monitoring chemicals, brine, deionized water, paint and compressed air in addition to cooling water and lube oil.

The meters with switches are easy to install, operate and maintain. They mount in line and in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required. No bypass is required for maintenance. The meters and switches are rated for all classes, divisions and groups of hazardous locations. The meters have CSA, CE and Cenelec certifications.

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc., (248) 542-9635; Tech Contact: Todd Sprentall, sales engineer.

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