Flow Sensor has measuring range of 0-50 m/s.

Press Release Summary:

Model SS 20.260 immersion sensor with integrated transducer measures free and guided air in ducts from 1-40 in. long at temperatures up to 120°C. It operates from 24 Vdc supply, consumes 30 mA, and provides 4-20 mA linear output. Two status LEDs indicate correct operation or indicate wrong supply voltage or sensor defects. Sensor can be used to measure flow of air, nitrogen, argon, and non-burnable gases.

Original Press Release:

SCHMIDT® Flow-Sensor SS 20.260 for Process Technology

For the employment in process technology the latest SCHMIDT® flow sensor SS 20.260 offers three crucial upgrades compared to his forerunner. With an expanded measuring range of 0 ... 50 m/s the sensor can be applied for flow rate control in a wide range of systems. Many processes require the measurement of heated gases and therefore an enhanced operating temperature. Depending on the configuration of the SS 20.260 it is up to 120 °C. The temperature can be measured with an additional linear output and no separate sensor is required any more. The unit is robust due to a chamber in which the sensing element is protected against impacts. The stainless steel sensor tube is available in different length and thus can be placed at the correct position regardless of the size of the duct. Two LED's indicate the correct operation or inform about wrong supply voltage or sensor defects. Applications: Flow measuring in air ducts, volume flow measuring in test benches, control of combustion air of oil, wood, gas or coal burners, flow control in cooling or drying constructions.

Main technical data:

Immersion sensor with integrated transducer.

Use of sensor: Free air and guided air in ducts from 25 to 1.000 mm (1 to 40 inch).

Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Argon and other non-burnable gases.

Measuring ranges:0 ... 2.5/10/20/40/50 m/s.

Pressure: Atmospheric.

Power supply: 24 VDC / power consumption only 30 mA.

Output: 0 ... 10 V / (0)4 ... 20 mA linear.

Functional display: 2 Status LED's

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