Flow Reactor features benchtop design.

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Combining temperatures to 200°C, pressure to 2,175 psi, and catalyst/reagent cartridge system, X-Cube(TM) enables complex, difficult, and dangerous reactions to be performed safely. It can carry out gas-liquid and liquid-liquid reactions in fixed bed reactor mode. System is optionally supported by autosampler to perform automated combinatorial synthesis or process optimization. Twin reactors are suited for forming in-situ reagents and reacting them on-the-spot.

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ThalesNano Announces the Launch of X-Cube, a Novel Bench Top High Pressure High Temperature Flow Reactor System Following the Success of the H-Cube Hydrogenation Reactor

BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 4/--ThalesNano Inc., announced today that it has launched the latest of its Cube(TM) flow reactor series, X-Cube(TM), which is now commercially available and validated with several important chemistry applications.

X-Cube(TM) is a high-temperature, high-pressure bench top flow reactor that enables complex, difficult and dangerous reactions to be performed safely and easily. The X-Cube(TM) allows organic reactions to be performed in a flow manner, combining the use of temperatures and pressures up to 200degreesC and 150 bar (2175 psi) respectively and catalyst/reagent cartridge system (CatCart(TM)). As an upgraded version of the earlier product, the X-Cube can carry out in a fixed bed reactor mode gas-liquid and
liquid-liquid reactions. The novel X-Cube(TM) system is optionally supported by an autosampler to perform automated combinatorial synthesis or process optimization. Its twin reactors are ideal for forming in situ reagents and reacting them on the spot. The easily controllable reactor is relieving chemists from having to perform demanding and repetitive jobs.

Dr. Laszlo Urge, CEO commented: "This new product represents another milestone in building our branded Cube series to bring difficult reactions to the everyday chemist's bench. Chemists will now be able to carry out reactions easily under conditions that they could not do with traditional methods earlier. The system is also applicable to performing catalyst screening using fixed bed reactor technology. It is going to complement our own in-house automated high throughput catalyst screening service portfolio, that is already a popular package among our customers. X-Cube(TM) is applicable to biocatalysis as well. The regularly extended CatCart collection will make the use of X-Cube(TM) convenient and user friendly for all chemists. This product like our other products will be useful for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, fragrance, petrochemical and other chemistry related industries, as well as for academic use."

Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President and Chairman at ThalesNano said "The launch of this new product underlines that we are executing a strategy and building a product portfolio in the flow chemistry area.

Our product portfolio is designed to provide integrated solutions to the chemical industry from bench to larger scale chemistries and could help solve some of the bottlenecks in the R&D areas."

For more information please refer to ThalesNano's website at www.thalesnano.com

About ThalesNano:
ThalesNano is a technology-intensive company that provides solutions for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from all over the world. It is specialized in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry, by exploiting the benefits of combining microfluidics, mezofluidics or nanotechnology with flow chemistry.

The award winning development, H-Cube(TM), has been recognized as one of the 100 most technologically significant and innovative new products of 2005 by R&D Magazine is the first in a new wave of continuous-flow hydrogenation reactors. Utilizing water electrolysis to generate hydrogen, with a catalyst cartridge system and with a continuous-flow reactor, the shoe-box sized H-Cube(TM) makes hydrogenation convenient, more efficient and less hazardous. With this equipment, reactions that are almost impossible to carry out under normal circumstances can be performed. The product is already on the market.

Contact: Laszlo Urge, CEO, +36-(0)-1-880-8500, e-mail: titkarsag@thalesnano.com

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