Flow Meters target chemical dispensing applications.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for dispensing acid and caustic-based fluids, positive displacement JVK Series features Kynar® bodies, Teflon® gears, and ceramic shafts for chemical resistance. Non-intrusive, optically based sensor and magnet-free gears allow long-term use in demanding environments. Meters cover flow ranges from 0.02-7 gpm, while providing accuracy of ±1% with max temperature of 185° and pressure to 500 psi. Outputs include pulse, mA, and voltage signals.

Original Press Release:

Positive Displacement Flow Meter for Chemical Dispensing

The AW Company of Franksville, WI has released the JVK series of positive displacement flow meters for chemical dispensing of acid and caustic based fluids. The JVK meters feature Kynar® bodies, Teflon® gears and ceramic shafts to provide a high standard of chemical resistance rarely found in PD meters.

Engineers at AW Company have also outfitted the JVK meters with a non-intrusive, optically-based sensor and magnet-free gears. These innovations allow long-term, reliable use even in the most demanding chemical environments.

Like all AW Company PD meters, the JVK meters retain their accuracy in conditions of changing viscosity and temperature, are easy to install and can be integrated with localized displays or remote PC's or PLC's. Outputs include pulse, mA, and voltage signals. Common applications include chemical dispensing, CIP control and DI water.

The JVK meters are currently available to cover flow ranges from 0.02 GPM to 7 GPM while providing accuracy of ± 1%, maximum temperature rating of 185° and pressures up to 500 PSI.

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