Flow Meter Switch has bistable switch functionality.

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Model DS01 Flow Meter/Switch utilizes variable area principle to operate through use of spring-loaded, magnetic float mechanism. Used for measuring and monitoring low viscosity liquid and gas flow, it is rated for ranges from 60 mLpm to 150 Lpm for water and 2 to 625 Lpm for air. Relative rate of flow is indicated by etched marking on site glass and through use of reed contact mounted in sealed housing outside of meter.

Original Press Release:

New Flow Meter/Switch Rated for Ranges from 60 ml to 150 l/min Water, 2 to 625 l/min air

Hudson, MA-Clark is pleased to introduce the Model DS01 Flow Meter/Switch. Utilizing the variable area principle, DS01 Flow Meter/Switches operate through the use of a spring loaded float mechanism. Placed inside a cylindrical measuring glass, the float is moved by flowing media. The relative rate of flow is indicated by etched marking on the site glass and through the use of a reed contact mounted outside the meter in a sealed housing. The float contains a magnet which will cause the switch to close when the float reaches the position of the reed contact. With higher flows the float moves further upward until it reaches a built-in float stop, still keeping the switch closed. This ensures a bistable switch function at any time. The reed contact is adjustable over the full switching range of the meter.

The variable area flow meter and switch model DS01 is used for measuring and monitoring the flow of low viscosity liquids and gases, i.e., in cooling loops of welding machines and laser systems, for pump monitoring, compressors and many other applications. By careful selection of the reed contacts, the switch hysteresis can be reduced to only 0.5-1.5 mm float movement.

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