Flow International Demonstrates Powerful Combination of HyperPressure(TM) Technology with Dynamic Waterjet® at EASTEC 2010

Live Demonstrations in Booth 1515

KENT, Wash. - Flow International Corporation (NASDAQ: FLOW) will be conducting live demonstrations of the combined power of HyperPressure(TM) technology and the advanced motion system of Dynamic Waterjet® at EASTEC in booth number 1515, being held in W. Springfield, Mass., May 25 - May 27, 2010.

Waterjet users continue to ask for higher cutting speeds and greater precision. Flow has responded by developing the industry's highest rated pump and the most advanced high precision cutting machine. Flow's HyperJet® pumps are rated at 94,000 psi and provide a substantial 45% increase in pressure over traditional ultrahigh-pressure systems. Pressure equals productivity; the additional pressure produced by the HyperJet pump increases cutting speeds up to 50% while lowering abrasive consumption and part cost by up to 30%.

Speed alone without accuracy can mean lower quality parts. Flow developed Dynamic Waterjet, incorporating unique mathematical cutting models to compensate for the stream lag and taper produced by all waterjets. Dynamic Waterjet's articulated wrist tilts as required to hold inside corners and other geometries to achieve precision parts at far higher cutting speeds.

Flow will demonstrate these two industry leading technologies on the Mach 3 waterjet. The Mach 3 is part of Flow's Mach Series of waterjets offering the widest range of waterjet machine capabilities and price in the industry. The Mach 3 is powered by FlowMaster®, the world's most popular waterjet programming and control software due to its ease of use and productivity. Combining HyperPressure technology and Dynamic Waterjet with FlowMaster provides manufacturers with a powerful and accurate, yet easy to use cutting system.

About Flow International

Flow International Corporation is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology for cutting and cleaning. Flow provides state-of-the-art ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) technology to numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, job shop, stone interiors, surface preparation, food and dozens more. For more information, visit www.flowcorp.com.

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