Floor Marking System offers alternative to tape and paint.

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Used for marking floors and other areas of workplace, FLOOR-Mark(TM) applies cleanly and can be removed to accommodate evolving application needs. Peel-and-stick backing facilitates application, ensuring product does not stretch or curl. Vinyl will not snag and lift off floor, even in high-traffic areas. Various solid colors are available in 1-4 in. widths, and Striped FLOOR-Mark is available in 2 in. widths. Either can be covered with clear FLOOR-Mark, which comes in 2-5 in. widths.

Original Press Release:

FLOOR-Mark(TM) from Visual Workplace Inc. Performs Better than Traditional Tape and Paint, and is Ideal for High Traffic Areas

BYRON CENTER, MI - Visual Workplace, Inc. introduces FLOOR-Mark(TM) - a better alternative to tape and paint for marking floors and other areas of the workplace, quickly and easily. FLOOR-Mark is ideal for high traffic areas. It features peel-and-stick backing for simple application, while delivering superior adhesion compared with traditional tape products that are prone to curling, stretching and snagging. And, where paint can be messy to apply and even more cumbersome to remove, FLOOR-Mark applies cleanly and is easily removed as application needs evolve.

"Unlike traditional tape, FLOOR-Mark has a release-backing that is removed during application, so it will not stretch or curl. The vinyl is thin, yet durable, ensuring that it will not snag and lift off the floor, even in high traffic areas," says Rhonda Kovera, CEO, Visual Workplace Inc. "And where paint is near-permanent, can be messy to apply, and can require dangerous and noxious chemicals to remove, FLOOR-Mark can be removed nearly as easily as it was applied."

FLOOR-Mark is available in a wide variety of solid colors, in 1, 2, 3 and 4-inch widths. Striped FLOOR-Mark is available in 2-inch widths. For added durability in high traffic areas, FLOOR-Mark can be covered with clear FLOOR-Mark, which is available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-inch widths. Free, no-obligation samples of FLOOR-Mark are available upon request.

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