Floor Drain Seal eliminates odors and pests.

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Designed to fit 2, 3, and 4 in. floor drains, Green Drain features 2 silicone flaps that create seal, preventing insects and hazardous sewer gases from entering while also keeping water backflow at bay so floors stay dry and clean. Chemical-free solution can go in any drain and is suitable for use in kitchens, basements, labs, restrooms, industrial drains, water heaters, laundry rooms, and even showers.

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Eliminate Odors and Pests from Your Floor Drain

Often times when you are in a commercial restroom, you may see what are referred to as Drain Flies. It makes one ponder, how did this fly get into the restroom? They are called Drain Flies because that is where they reside, breed and become a pesky pest during your visit. Drain flies do not only exist in restrooms though, they are found in any commercial drain. That means the drain in a restaurant's kitchen is also vulnerable to the infestation of these bugs. Fruit flies and other insects also can reside in a floor drain, it's quite scary when you think about it. Now how does one prevent this? Simple, instead of spending money on expensive liquids that claim to prevent these little buggers from getting in, use the Green Drain from Liquid Breaker.

The Green Drain uses a brilliant design that has two silicone flaps that create a seal. This seal prevents more than just insects though. The product is so amazing, it keeps water backflow at bay so your floors stay dry and clean. The Green Drain does not allow hazardous sewer gases from reaching your employees or customers either. Not only does this promote good health in your establishment, it also means that those nasty odors will remain in the pipes instead of your nostrils.

This product can go in any drain. That means kitchens, basements, labs, restrooms, industrial drains, water heaters, laundry rooms, and even showers. It has a long life and is easy to replace when maintenance is needed. There are three available options to fit most drains. The Green Drain can fit in your 2", 3" and 4" floor drain. Newton Distributing is a wholesale distributor for the Liquid Breaker products and has all sizes in stock and ready to ship. The Green Drain is very affordable and a common sense item that can help create a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly floor drain. Make the smart choice and replace all of your current drains and see an amazing difference. No bugs, no backflow, no hazardous gases or bacteria, and less wasted water. This is a winning product for any drain in your entire building!

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