Flexsift Outperforms Traditional Sifting Technologies in the Food Ingredients Industry

The Huijbregts Group (Huijbregts) is a European food processor. They were looking to increase capacity, efficiency and quality at their facility. To this point in time, the manufacturer was utilizing various sifting technologies such as Vibratory and Horizontal Centrifugal Sifters with differing sieve size diameters, based on the initial particle size of the product. To ensure that they were using the best technology available on the market, the manufacturer commissioned a Study to compare the different sifting options available.

A head-to-head comparison was made between the Quadro® FlexSift, a Vibratory Sifter and a Horizontal Centrifugal Sifter. Independent tests were conducted with various spices. The capacity of the Quadro® FlexSift was significantly higher than that of both the Horizontal Centrifugal/Vibratory Sifters whilst still maintaining the product characteristics. In addition, there was less residue remaining in the Quadro® FlexSift after the product passed through than in the Horizontal Centrifugal Sifter. The spoiler arm of the Quadro® FlexSift also contributed to the deagglomeration and delumping processes for increased throughput and capacity. In terms of cleanliness, the Quadro® FlexSift was easiest to clean. Additional benefits noted in the Study included the fact that the Quadro® FlexSift is more compact, lighter and easier to maintain than the other two technologies. Quadro's stainless steel screens resisted breakage and required only a fraction of the storage space required by the Vibratory Sifter.

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