Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. Completes Significant Upgrades for Smart Shoe Sensor System

The company improves sensor performance after release of new chip

DRAPER, Utah, -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: FLXT) today announced the redesign of the original PCB (printed circuit board) for the athletic shoe insert is complete. The upgrade is due to the recent release of a new single chip solution that replaces the use of several chips in order to complete the same tasks. This improvement has a major impact on all of the internal hardware, including the firmware, sensor and battery size.

Utilizing the new chip will allow the shoe insert to provide optimal performance with a smaller footprint for both the battery and PCB. A lower chip count on the board reduces the cost and size of assembly. The ability to simplify the firmware provides a more robust system from the software side. There is also an improved connection between the sensor and phone or other monitoring device. Additionally, an upgraded sensor connection has been added to the PCB to provide a more durable connection interface.

The size of the battery has been reduced by 50% while maintaining the same battery life. Flexpoint's sensors can be recharged while remaining inside the shoe unlike other shoe inserts that must be removed in order to be charged. Pairing the shoes is easier for the end user because the new chip is hardwired to allow for right and left shoe discrimination. 

Clark Mower, President of Flexpoint stated, "We are extremely enthused with the upgrades the new chip allows us. We have managed to lower costs and improve sensor performance. While the improvements have delayed the launch slightly, we now have a better quality product for our end users. With the upgrades, Bend Tech is now preparing for a full launch of the product including both a self-launch and significant partnerships. It is anticipated the product will be on the market within 60 days. Flexpoint is pleased to continue to make improvements and deliver high quality products to our current customers as well as use these upgrades to attract new clients."


About Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. (FLXT) is an innovative technology firm specializing in developing products that feature the Company's patented Bend Sensor(®) and related technology.  The Bend Sensor(®) is a groundbreaking sensing solution that is revolutionizing applications in the automotive, safety, medical and industrial industries. The Bend Sensor's single-layer, thin film construction cuts costs and mechanical bulk while introducing a range of functions and stylistic design possibilities that have never before been available in sensing technology. Flexpoint's technology and expertise have been recognized by the world's elite business and academic innovators for over 17 years. The company is setting a new standard for sensing solutions in the "smart" age of technology.

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