FlexLink's X45 Captivates Life Science Industry

FlexLink brings another realm to the definition of lab automation. Visitors at this year's Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, CA "have been looking for this!"

As this industry grows and demands on the life science industry increase, it is forcing labs to rely on automation. References to laboratory automation often create visions of rectangular box machines that perform a specific function or test to a sample. However, this is only a partial solution. Laboratory automation also needs to consider solving the complicated logistics associated with today's specimen testing and developing a solution that achieves "complete" automation of the laboratory between test functions. Feeding the proper machine with the appropriate sample at the right time, sample integrity, increased capacity, throughput, turn-around time, and re-sampling are some of the essential elements of laboratory automation one should consider. FlexLink developed a solution to handle this flawlessly.

FlexLink has plunged into this market with the launch of our brand new X45 and X45e conveyor system at the start of 2010. Designed specifically for clinical labs and the life science industry, X45 has had an overwhelmingly positive response this year as a complete laboratory automation solution. We have connected the loop and solved the logistic problems of today's lab. Visitors at Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, CA admitted that they've been looking for a simple solution like X45 and applaud this revolutionary technology. Many were impressed by its flexibility, compactness, nearly silent sound and ability to overcome any foreseen obstacle raised by the customer.

Most notable, FlexLink recognizes the needs of this industry. X45 is designed to be versatile and also to be integrated into existing lab automation equipment. The conveyor speed is adjustable to suit the needs of the customer. Fast or slow, capped or uncapped, the gentle handling of the specimen is evident and allows for safe and efficient transport of test samples. Furthermore, its reliability ensures our customers success in completing their highly regarded obligation to their customers.


Michael Hilsey
Marketing Director, FlexLink Systems, Inc.
(610) 393-3784

Dave Galloway
Product Manager, FlexLink Systems, Inc.
(610) 533-7943

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