Flexible Tubing is chemically resistant.

Press Release Summary:

Targeted for use with SR 25 and SR15 peristaltic pumps, Thomasflex tubing produces constant flow rate and is resistant to oils, alcohols and acids. Tubing measures 4.8 x 1.6 mm, and depending on pump type and rotation speed, flow reaches between 0.3 and 690 ml/min. Suitable as replacement for Novoprene and silicone tubing, applications include tubing for pumps used in cleaning and disinfecting medical, chemical, and laboratory equipment.

Original Press Release:

Extremely Flexible and Chemical Resistant Tube

The new Thomaflex tubing from Rietschle Thomas produces a constant flow rate and good resistance against oils, alcohols and acids. The tube, which can be used with SR 25 and SR15 peristaltic pumps, is extremely soft and flexible and has a small inner diameter tolerance.

Because of the very soft and flexible consistency of the tube, the pump rotates with low resistance, which improves mechanical efficiency. Also, the high resistance of the tube allows constant pumping even after long periods of operation. The Thomaflex tubing measures 4.8 x 1.6 mm. Depending on the pump type and rotation speed, the flow reaches between 0.3 and 690 ml/min.

Without any adjustment Thomaflex can easily replace existing Novoprene and Silicone tubes. It will become part of the standard product and is also available as a spare part.

Typical applications for Thomaflex tubing are pumps for cleaning and disinfecting medical, chemical and laboratory equipment.

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