Flexible Magnet offers magnetic strength up to 5.0 MGOe.

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Offering total elongation up to 250%, Reance(TM) SF neodymium iron boron magnet holds tight radiuses without cracking, breaking, or losing magnetic properties. Unit can be produced as thin as .012 in. making it suited for use in cordless power equipment, sensors, guitar pick ups, and xerographic equipment. Reance SF may be custom-formulated to particular magnetic requirements, as well as slit, drilled, die-cut, or punched to customer specifications.

Original Press Release:

Introducing Reance SF(TM) - the World's Most Flexible High Energy Magnet

Cincinnati, OH -Reance(TM) SF (U.S. Patent #6,707,361) from The Electrodyne Company Inc., combines magnetic strength of up to 5.0MGOe with flexibility never before seen in a high energy magnet. This versatile material has the ability to hold very tight radiuses without cracking, breaking or losing any of its magnetic properties. It is the first neodymium iron boron magnet to offer elasticity, with total elongation of up to 250%. Ideal for tight quarters, Reance(TM) SF can be produced as thin as .012" making it ideal for use in cordless power equipment, sensors, guitar pick ups, xerographic equipment, and many other commercial and industrial applications.

Reance SF(TM) can be custom formulated to particular magnetic requirements. It can be easily slit, drilled, die-cut or punched to customer specifications, allowing for economical prototyping and production quantities through the use of low cost tooling techniques. Electrodyne's seasoned staff can provide technical assistance, including the production of specialized compounds and magnetizing fixtures to meet customers' demands.

With over thirty years of experience and nearly 50 patents awarded to them, The Electrodyne Company Inc., is an industry leader in magnetic material design and manufacturing. Their fully equipped lab can perform testing to include magnetic hysteresis, magnetic field mapping, tensile strength, elongation, gauss measurements, heat aging, pull testing, and more. All facilities are ISO 9001/2001 registered for quality assurance. For more information contact The Electrodyne Company, Inc., 4188 Taylor Road, Batavia, OH 45103, visit www.edyne.com, or call (513) 732-2822.

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