Fleet Routing Service uses digital map data.

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tmsRouter fleet optimization and routing product utilizes NAVTECH digital map data. It provides users with digital view of continental US, and includes detailed city coverage with one-ways, medians, turn restrictions, bridge constraints, and other details necessary to produce credible, valid routes. Customer addresses are geocoded to map by assigning specific longitude and latitude, which enables route optimization software to find best path.

Original Press Release:


Atlanta, Georgia - February 6, 2002 - GeoComtms, a premier provider of constraint-based fleet optimization, today announced its users will soon benefit from a 3.56 million-mile upgrade of the NAVTECH® digital map data which powers GeoComtms' mapping solutions.

In combination with GeoComtms' geocoding tool and NAVTECH'S newly upgraded data, a 20% improvement in geocoding hits was observed in recent tests.

GeoComtms tested the new data using live client information consisting of over 35,000 real customer addresses. These addresses were a combination of both rural and urban areas as well as commercial and residential.

GeoComtms combines the strength of its cartography engineers with the quality of NAVTECH Map Data to provide unrivaled routing for its advanced fleet routing optimization solution, tmsRouter. Christopher J. Russell, President of GeoComtms in the USA, describes how the map data affects the end solution; "If you don't have good maps, you can't produce good routes. In order to route vehicles to the correct address the optimization engine needs to know where the customers are. To accomplish this, the customer addresses are geocoded to the map by assigning a specific longitude and latitude to that address. This enables the route optimization software to find the best path in servicing these customers."

"We've worked with all the major mapping vendors, and NAVTECH NAVSTREETS has the highest quality for routing purposes. This new data set combined with our in-house cartography department raises the bar even further and makes our applications stronger. People will say 'maps are maps', but we strongly disagree. The quality of the map data has a direct impact on how successful the routing project will be. First, if you can't geocode the customers, you can't find them. And if you can't find them, you can't service them. Second, NAVSTREETS has the detailed data that supports a good routing engine. For example, NAVTECH data has the one-ways, medians, turn restrictions, bridge constraints and other details necessary to produce a credible, valid route. The bottom line is that if you don't have these detailed, quality maps, you can't produce valid routes. And without valid routes the whole routing project is not credible. The customer won't get their return on investment. As you can see the maps are the underlying data that enable the routing process and can make a project succeed or fail," concluded Mr. Russell.

"Thanks to the full coverage effort, NAVTECH data now offers GeoComtms users a digital view of the entire continental US that includes the detailed city coverage we're already known for providing. We are very excited to be able to offer this level of address accuracy to our partners and customers," said Randy Peterson, General Manager, Business Solutions Navigation Technologies.

Navigation Technologies Corporation is a global developer of precision digital map databases and enabling technology used in a wide range of smart navigation products including automotive, hand held products, Internet mapping, PC-based applications and call center-based navigation services.

The company's NAVTECH brand digital maps, covering North America and Europe, are the route guidance solution chosen by leading automotive, electronics and software manufacturers for their unrivaled accuracy, depth and reliability. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and is privately held.

The companies' 1,100 employees are in over 100 offices in 18 countries.

NAVTECH, SDAL and NAVTOOLS are all registered US trademarks of Navigation Technologies Corporation.

GeoComtms provides constraint-based fleet route optimization, territory design, tracking & wireless communication software and digital mapping.

GeoComtms designs, implements and supports software tools to optimize productivity, increase the quality of customer service and integrate with the current daily logistics operations of customers supporting a transportation component in their business.

GeoComtms products integrate with most supply chain vendors and are multi-lingual. tmsRouter is a highly scalable client/server application, designed to handle very large and complex routing problems. tmsRouter is the first routing product to utilize powerful and innovative genetic algorithm optimization.

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