Fleet Management Portal integrates speed analysis tool.

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Rand McNally Connect web portal, via integration of SpeedGauge Web-based service, helps fleets identify high-risk driver behavior using vehicle speed data provided by TPC 7600 and TND™ 760 mobile fleet management systems. Companies can create customized reports considering context and analysis. In turn, reports enable fleet managers to fine-tune driver behavior and track improvements over time. This coaching tool also aids in managing CSA scores.

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SpeedGauge Provides New Speed Analysis Tool for Rand McNally's Mobile Fleet Management Devices

Monitoring and controlling for speed reduces accidents, and helps manage CSA BASIC scores

SKOKIE, Ill. -- Rand McNally now offers a new coaching tool, allowing fleets to identify high-risk driver behavior using vehicle speed data provided by its TPC 7600 and TND(TM) 760 mobile fleet management systems. Understanding the location and duration of high-speed or hard-breaking helps fleets to improve safety and reduce costs while better managing damaging CSA scores related to excessive speed. The new feature and its reports, provided by SpeedGauge - a leading provider of location-based analytics for the trucking industry, are integrated via the Rand McNally Connect web portal.

SpeedGauge, a web-based service, uses the GPS tracking from the TPC 7600 and TND(TM) 760 devices to identify the location, frequency, severity, and duration of speeding events. Companies can create customized reports considering context ("where exactly was the driver speeding?") and analysis ("is this particular driver doing better or worse than last week?"). The reports enable fleet managers to fine-tune driver behavior and to track improvements over time.

"Fleets are quick to experience the financial benefit of increased awareness and control of speed in their operations. Companies report steady decreases in the number of tickets monthly, and also relay that serious speeding violations (+15 miles per hour over limit) are down 40 percent during a six-month period. We are excited to partner with Rand McNally in providing a proven service that positively impacts safety and reduces costs," said Jonathan Hubbard, CEO and Founder, SpeedGauge.

Excessive speeding is a major factor in 30 percent of fatal truck accidents and is a leading indicator of other types of poor driving behavior; speed-related crashes result in nearly 1,600 deaths and $6 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year.* In addition to presenting a safety risk, excessive vehicle speed can impact a fleet's CSA BASIC score as it is a factor in calculating Unsafe Driving, and if linked to a truck crash, impacts the Crash Indicator score.  Also, speeding tickets are costly to a fleet, and avoidable.

In addition to the financial benefits of monitoring and controlling for speed, the resulting positive impact to CSA scores can solidify a fleet's relationships with shippers, which are increasingly aware of and making business decisions based on a carrier's CSA scores. 

"Our vision for Rand McNally's mobile fleet management products is to provide technology that is user-friendly, affordable, and delivers the fastest ROI possible. SpeedGauge's reporting capability is another example of best-in-class options that we add to our toolkit to assist companies in managing aspects of their business that will lead to bottom line improvement - whether by cost control such fuel savings and ticket elimination, or CSA score improvements," said Jim Rodi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications Group, Rand McNally.

The SpeedGauge reporting tool is available for a monthly service fee for companies using the TND(TM) 760 and/or TPC 7600 devices. For more information call 1-800-789-6277 or visit randmcnally.com/fleet.

*Source: SpeedGauge.

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About SpeedGauge - SpeedGauge, a privately held company founded in 2002 and located in San Francisco, provides patented BI and analytics to the commercial transportation industry. SpeedGauge's software solution is available through its network of GPS fleet tracking partners and 3rd party providers around the globe. The company's platform marries safety, risk and GPS data analysis to enable smarter and safer driving.

Deployed across thousands of fleets, SpeedGauge is currently available in North America, Europe and Australasia, South Africa and is expanding to other regions. For further information on the company, its technology and solutions, visit www.speedgauge.net.

SpeedGauge is a registered trademark of Speedgauge, Inc. and its services are patented by SpeedGauge, Inc. under US Patent number 7,356,392.

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