Flavor Control Software regulates product feed rates.

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Designed for snack food industry, intelli-flav® v2 flavoring system is intended for use with roflo® 3 gateless and fully reversible transfer and distribution conveyors. Program measures flavor rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate correct feed-rates. When product flow rate changes, it issues corresponding change in flavor rate, ensuring delivery of correct ratio of flavor to product. Settings are retained as recipe on touchscreen to simplify operation.

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TNA Introduces Intelli-Flav® 2 Flavoring System

System self-regulates correct feed-rate for consistent flavoring

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (November, 2009) - tna introduces the tna intelli-flav® 2 flavoring system for flavored products as a completely integrated component of the new tna roflo® 3 gateless and fully reversible transfer and distribution conveyors for the snack food industry. The tna intelli-flav 2 flavoring system patented software measures flavor rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate the correct feed-rates for consistent product flavoring. By proportionally distributing product/flavoring to the feeder/flavoring system while controlling the load balance, the flavor drum maintains maximum flavoring runtime and minimizes under or over-flavoring. The consistent application and delicate handling also results in minimal flavor wastage and less product damage.

When the product flow rate changes, tna intelli-flav 2 issues a corresponding change in the flavor rate ensuring the correct ratio of flavor to product is delivered. Settings are retained as a recipe on a touchscreen for simple operation and repeatability. A quick-change, lightweight polymer drum and gateless conveying pans require no tools, making changeovers and cleaning even quicker. The tna intelli-flav 2 flavoring system can be used in combination with virtually any distribution and packaging system and when fully integrated with the tna roflo? 3 distribution system and tna robag 3, the operation is even further simplified.

tna roflo 3 is the world's first totally reversible, gateless transfer and distribution system. Linear servo-driven, horizontal motion and modular components permit bi-directional feed capabilities. Production systems with multiple products that would normally require a series of dedicated lines, can now be serviced by one tna roflo 3 line, reducing capital outlay by up to 40 percent. Using technology coined the "switcheroo," each modular stainless steel pan component is capable of up and down tilt and can reverse feed direction independently. This ground-breaking agility means that the tna roflo 3 conveyor is not locked into a fixed feed direction and can be configured into endless combinations.

The tna roflo 3 also uses "erector" technology to lift a selected modular stainless steel pan component, which creates complete physical separation of lines and completely eliminates the possibility of cross contamination of product between the pans on multi-product lines - a must where allergens are concerned. The pans also offer a no tools, quick release feature to further improve segregation-sanitation.

tna roflo 3's efficient and sustainable design is also underpinned by an absolute minimal use of moving parts - tna even removed the traditional discharge gates, all of which maximizes uptime and drives maintenance costs even lower.

About tna

For over 26 years tna has set the benchmark in the industry for vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging systems, creating highly efficient machines, using fewer parts with a simple design to increase maximum output and flexibility. Today, tna provides a complete line of products from its well known robag® VFFS Baggers and roflo® Product Distribution & Accumulation Equipment to Seasoning Systems, Multihead Scales, Checkweighers, Date Coders, Metal Detectors, Case Packers, Palletizers and Complete Processing Equipment.

tna core products offer a range of robag stand-alone and turn-key systems that are renowned in the industry for bagging speed capabilities, efficiency and overall performance. The robag VFFS system has experienced much success in the snack, confectionery, biscuit, cereal, pasta, powder and fresh produce markets, and can form pillow, block bottom, quattro, string and canoe bags. tna remains committed to both its customers and the industry, and strives to provide the highest-quality systems and services available.

tna is the leading supplier of turn-key, integrated packaging and processing solutions for food production companies worldwide, with an installed base of more than 3,000 systems globally. Tna's unique combination of innovative technology, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and more flexible packaged food products at lower costs and with less wastage. Additional information about the company is available on the Internet at www.tnasolutions.com.

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