Flat Wire Conveyor Belting withstands elevated temperatures.

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Offered as alternative to round-wire woven metal conveyor belting, balanced extra-flat (BEF) weave suits high-temperature, heavy-duty applications. BEF weave thickness is based on 2 spiral wire diameters and one cross-rod wire diameter, with just enough clearance to allow mesh to be properly assembled. Features create uniform, flat surface that presents little to no unwanted stretch or camber, reducing repair and downtime.

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Furnace Belt Announces New Product Launch: Balanced Extra Flat (BEF) Weave

Furnace Belt, a leading manufacturer of wire belt conveyors, recently announced the launch of its new wire belting product: balanced extra-flat (BEF) weave. This innovative belting solution, which is the flattest weave available on the marketplace, provides a good alternative for more standard round-wire woven metal belting options, such as the ever-popular balanced weave and double-balanced weave conveyors belts.

Since 1972, Furnace Belt has manufactured custom metal conveyor belts that have been widely used by a variety of diverse industries - ranging from food processing to furnaces and industrial ovens - for both high- and low-temperature conveying. Balanced weave belting, one of the most widely used round-wire woven metal belting products, consists of a series of alternating single left-hand and right-hand spirals joined together by a cross-rod connector. This type of belting offers a variety of advantageous features - such as true travel, good flexibility, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and minimal maintenance - making this type of wire mesh conveyor one of the most popular options for projects involving general friction driven applications, positive driven mesh, or chain driven operations. Balanced weave belts are typically employed in product transfer and baking, but can also be utilized in industrial product processing, transfer, and packaging functions.

Though round-wire woven metal belts, such as balanced weave belting, have been widely used for most high-temperature conveying applications, they often suffer from issues relating to camber or stretch. When camber or stretching occurs due to excessive heat exposure or product weight, the metal belting can become unbalanced or warped and result in a less uniform surface that can cause travel difficulties. For a long time, double-balanced weave belts provided the extra reinforcement necessary to help reduce stretch and camber, which made it a preferred choice for carrying heavy loads at elevated temperatures. Our double-balanced weave belt consists of a series of alternating double left-hand and right-hand spirals joined together by a straight or crimped cross-rod connector. The rods are welded to the left-hand spirals, creating a "strut," which is what makes this weave more resistant to camber.

Though double-balanced weave belts have helped solve some of the challenges relating to stretch and camber, Furnace Belt has developed an innovative belting solution to better meet the needs of customers who specialize in high-temperature, heavy-duty applications. Our balance extra flat (BEF) weave possesses a thickness based upon two spiral wire diameters and one cross-rod wire diameter - and has just a hair of clearance to allow the mesh to be properly assembled. These features create a more uniform, flatter surface than currently exists with most round-wire woven metal belting options. Therefore, our BEF weave presents little to no unwanted stretch or camber compared with our standard weave products, allowing for reduced repair costs and equipment down-times. This flat, thin wire mesh is the perfect solution for most heat-related or heavyweight conveyor applications - the same projects where low-cost maintenance is key.

Up to this point, our balanced extra flat (BEF) weave has mostly been used for sintering and brazing operations. Moving forward, however, this flatter, thinner weave will be applied to many more applications where we expect to see the benefits of BEF grow. For more information on our new, extra- flat weave, we invite you to call us toll-free at 1.800.354.7213. You can also reach us by email at fbc@furnace-belt.com.

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