Flat Magnet Wire includes sizes from 30 to 9 AWG.

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Flat Magnet Wire is produced from round pre-insulated magnet wire that is flattened between mirror polished work surfaces. Insulation is stressed in only one direction, and resistance and wire gauge remain largely unchanged. Wire comes in 10 or 20 lb spools and 5 ratios of thickness to width. User can select cross sectional area in sq mm or sq mil, or in terms of wire resistance. Insulation is Polyester/Polyamideimide or Polyester/Polyamideimide/Bondcoat.

Original Press Release:

Alpha-Core Offers New Expanded Flat Magnet Wire Program

Bridgeport, CT. Following the successful market acceptance of its original Flat Magnet Wire program introduced in 2001, Alpha-Core, Inc. extends the range to include wire sizes from 30AWG to 9 AWG (0.25 mm to 3.0 mm). The Flat Magnet Wire is the preferred choice over round magnet wire in applications that range from voice coils in speakers to motors to transformers where more compact coils and improved heat dissipation are desirable. Alpha-Core offers its Flat Magnet Wire program in five standard ratios of thickness to width: 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:3.5 and 1:4. All sizes are available on two spool sizes, 10 Lb spools that measure 6.0" OD x 4.0" height or 20 Lb spools that measure 6.0" OD x 8.0" height. 20AWG and heavier wire gauges are also supplied on 80 Lb spools with dimensions 12.0" OD x 8.0" height. Along with extending the range of wire sizes, the new FLEX SYSTEM allows customers to select the required cross sectional area in sq. mm or sq. mils, or in terms of wire resistance, ohms/1000 Ft. or ohms/Kilometer plus the desired target width or thickness. The FLEX SYTEM is offered at no added cost to the customer and will enable the user to optimize a design even further than what is possible with the fixed ratios alone. The wire is produced from standard round pre-insulated magnet wire that is flattened utilizing special equipment developed in-house with patents pending for the process. The process involves a single step deformation of the round wire between mirror polished work surfaces. Because of only negligible stretching of the wire the cross sectional area is the same before and after the process. Therefore, the insulation is stressed only in one direction, and the resistance and wire gauge remain largely unchanged. Two types of insulation of the wire are available from stock. 1. Polyester/Polyamideimide. Heavy. UL Recognized, Class 220 as round wire and also in Class 200 as round wire. 2. Polyester/Polyamideimide/Bondcoat. Heavy. UL Recognized. Class 180 as round wire. After three years of field experience in the Flat Wire Program it has been established that Alpha-Core's wire flattening process preserves the integrity of practically all types of insulation including solderable Polyurethanes and bond coats as well as high temperature polymide/imide coatings. Sections of the flattened wire show a continuous rather than an angular transition from the flats into semi-elliptical edges practically without any stress concentrations. The flattened wire does not exhibit the "dog bone" shape often encountered in post-insulated rectangular wire due to surface tension pulling the varnish away from the wire edges. The process normally causes a degree of work hardening leaving the wire somewhat springy compared to post-insulated rectangular wire. In some applications this increased stiffness is desirable. For applications in which the full soft wire is preferred, it is available at a nominal extra charge. The price of 18AWG in quantity of 250 lbs is $5.50/Lb including the current copper adder of $1.06/Lb. For more information, please visit the website www.alphacore.com or contact Ulrik Poulsen at 1-800 836 5920 or Ulrik@alphacore.com Alpha-Core Inc. was established in Bridgeport, CT in 1982 manufacturing toroidal cores for the then emerging toroidal power transformer industry in the U.S. Today Alpha-Core, Inc. also offers C-Cores and O-Cores. Besides core and flat magnet wire production, Alpha-Core, Inc. is the sole distributor for North America of toroidal and bobbin winding machinery made in China and Taiwan. Laminax foil conductors for transformers and Goertz high-end cables, interconnects and air core inductors for the speaker industry complete the company's product program.

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