Flashlight generates daylight-quality illumination.

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Offering 360° rotating head, eLED UniLite features white LED lamp that projects soft-edged disk for even illumination rather than bright center spot. Housed in non-conductive, non-corroding ABS/polycarbonate case with O-ring seal, unit is submersible to 10 ft and withstands 6 ft drop onto concrete. Flashlight can be used with Xenon or LED lamp, and includes nylon pocket clip, stainless steel ring attachment, and optional wall mount.

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UK Introduces eLED Version of The UniLite

--Daylight Quality Light with a 360-Degree Rotating Head--

Poway, CA - The LED light revolution continues as Underwater Kinetics (UK), a leader in specialty lighting solutions, introduces the eLED UniLite - a breakthrough flashlight that generates daylight-quality illumination and boasts a 360-degree rotating head.

A product extension of the acclaimed UniLite series, the eLED version of the UniLite has a high-intensity, long-lasting white LED lamp that is ideal for industrial users, electrical contractors, plumbers, HVAC workers, and telecommunications maintenance and installation professionals. No other product on the market has as long a burn time or produces a comparable quality beam.

Arguably the world's most universal light, the eLED UniLite can rotate 360 degrees and comes standard with an industrial strength nylon pocket clip and a stainless steel ring attachment. An optional wall mount allows the light to be used in stationary applications such as a non-rechargeable emergency light. The unique design allows one to set the light down and point it at ones work. Likewise, when clipped to a jacket or harness the beam can be directed to the task at hand. Finally, the right-angle swivel can be removed and be used as a hand light.

"The eLED UniLite firmly establishes Underwater Kinetics as a leader in the LED light revolution," says Alan Uke, president of UK. "It is a flexible, powerful, cost-effective product that offers the benefit of never having to replace the lamp."

Rather than producing a bright center spot that fades quickly, the eLED UniLite projects a soft-edged disk for even illumination. A bluish-white light similar in color to sunlight, the eLED UniLite creates good task area illumination for dark places like control panels, switch boards and reduces glare for co-workers.

The eLED UniLite boasts numerous benefits: the light is submersible to 10 feet, has a non-conductive, non-corroding ABS/Polycarbonate case, and can be used with either a Xenon or LED lamp. Other important features include: a high-intensity light that virtually never burns out or breaks; efficient power usage (9 to 12 hours burn time), which allows batteries to last twice as long and saves customers' money over the course of the light's life; an O-ring seal to prevent dust and dirt invasion; and the ability to withstand a six-foot drop onto concrete.

Since it is non-metallic, the eLED UniLite can be safely used around electrical systems. It also is ideal for use during power outages. Each light includes a set of alkaline batteries, making it ready for use upon opening.

UK is widely regarded as a pioneer in LED solutions by creating innovative products and being the first company to combine 6 watts into one lamp to provide a clean, narrow beam.

The eLED UniLite is Class I, Div I and UL certified for use in hazardous locations. It retails for $45 and is available through authorized UK distributors. Visit the UK website at www.ukbright.com to find the representative and dealer closest to you.

About UK
UK designs and manufacturers flashlights, waterproof cases, and other accessories for the industrial, first response, government, and dive and sport industries most demanding applications. UK is located in Poway, CA and has more than 30 years experience in the development of these products. For more information visit the UK website www.uwkinetics.com

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