Fixed Wireless Telephones offer voice/text capabilities.

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With customized user interface, 410 Series features GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology for voice, Internet, email, and text-message transmissions. Products plug into standard AC power outlets and communicate over cellular networks. They support 850/1900 and 900/1800 radio frequencies. Features include hands-free operation, phone number memory, speed dial, auto re-dial, and backlit display.

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CSI Wireless Introduces GSM-GPRS Fixed Wireless Telephones

Newest additions to CSI's FWT product line feature voice, Internet and text-messaging capability

Calgary, Alberta - May 27, 2004 - (TSX:CSY): CSI Wireless Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless and GPS products used in more than 40 countries, today announced specific product details and shipping plans for its new fixed wireless telephones that feature GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology for voice, Internet, email and text-message transmissions.

CSI's new "410 Series" of GSM-GPRS phones will feature a leading product feature set, with customized models that reflect the languages and frequencies of specific countries and regions. Full details about the 410 Series are available on CSI Wireless' Web site at

The 410 Series has undergone successful prototype testing, and product shipments are to begin in the third quarter of this year. It is anticipated that the telephones will be sold in some geographic areas under one or more other companies' name brands.

The 410 Series will leverage the success that CSI has achieved with its Motorola-branded FX800t fixed wireless telephone for use with TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) wireless technology, mainly in the Americas. CSI has sold almost $60 million of Motorola FX800t phones since introducing the product in late 2002 - enabling it to become the leading TDMA fixed wireless phone in the Americas.

CSI's Motorola FX800t is marketed exclusively by Brightstar Corporation, a Motorola licensee. CSI announced in December 2003 that it was expanding its partnership with Brightstar by starting to co-develop a GSM fixed wireless phone targeting the more than one billion consumers in 200 countries where GSM is the primary wireless technology. The 410 Series is CSI's response to that late-2003 announcement.

By now offering both TDMA and GSM fixed wireless phones through Brightstar, CSI Wireless has dramatically expanded its market opportunities. More than 600 wireless carriers and 80 per cent of the world's wireless phone subscribers rely on TDMA and/or GSM technology. The 410 Series supports either the 850/1900 radio frequencies used in the Americas, or the 900/1800 radio frequencies used in the rest of the world.

"CSI is already a major player in the TDMA fixed wireless telephone market," said Stephen Verhoeff, CSI Wireless' President and CEO. "We believe our new 410 Series positions us to also be a major player in the GSM fixed wireless telephone market - which is 10 times larger. GSM represents a huge opportunity, and one that we are aggressively pursuing on a global scale."

Fixed Wireless Telephones

Fixed wireless telephones represent a low-cost route for millions of consumers, in regions where traditional copper-wire landline telephone service is not available, to obtain wireless phone service with much broader signal range and better voice quality than what they can obtain from portable, battery-powered handsets.

Fixed wireless telephones are "fixed" in that they plug into standard AC electrical power outlets, and resemble standard wall-mounted or desktop phones. They are wireless in that they do not connect to conventional landline telephone systems, communicating instead over cellular networks. Fixed wireless phones are ideal, cost-effective alternatives for the many areas of the world where landline telephone infrastructures do not exist, are unreliable or unaffordable.

CSI's 410 Series

The 410 Series of GSM-GPRS telephones offers dual-band support (either 850/1900 MHz in the Americas or 900/1800 MHz in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East) and multi-language capability. The phones' key attributes include a user interface customized to each user, and superior radio performance. They also feature text messaging, Internet and email capability, hands-free operation, three-digit PIN security to allow/block outgoing calls, memory capacity for 250 phone numbers, speed dial, auto re-dial, one-touch emergency dialing, a large back-lit display, 30 minutes of talk-time emergency back-up power, and attractive styling. 410 Series telephones are easy to activate, and installation involves simply plugging them into the nearest AC outlet. While the phones are primarily designed for developing countries, they are also ideal for developed countries - in homes, offices, RVs, motor homes, dorms, vacation homes, lodges, resorts, or anywhere else that people go.

About CSI Wireless

With offices in Calgary, Silicon Valley, and Phoenix, CSI Wireless designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective, wireless and GPS products for mobile and fixed applications in the agriculture, marine, automotive and other markets. CSI is a leader in several emerging high-growth markets including Precision Guidance in Agriculture, Consumer Telematics and Fixed Wireless Telephones. The Company owns numerous patents and intellectual property relating to wireless and GPS technologies. It has licensed its cellular technology to GPS, cellular handset, and chipset manufacturers. The company's common shares trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "CSY", with approximately 33 million outstanding. For more information about CSI Wireless, go to

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CSI Wireless Inc.

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