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Fixed Pool Lift complies with 2013 ADA standards.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 06, 2012 - Installed via 4 concrete anchor bolts, AmeriGlide Pool Lift complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards that go into effect January 31, 2013. Powder coat finish negates need for pool operators to put lift in storage on daily basis, and construction features stainless steel tubing. Fully submersible sling seat has foot plate and arm rests that offer support or can be folded away. Lift, hand controller, and battery pack can be removed for seasonal storage.

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Original Press Release

AmeriGlide Releases Most Competitively Priced ADA Compliant Pool Lift

Press release date: Nov 01, 2012

About 51,000 hotels in the U.S., will need a pool lift installed by January 31, 2013, in order to comply with new ADA standards. AmeriGlide releases the most competitively priced, quality pool lift on the market at $2999.

AmeriGlide Inc., a supplier and distributor of accessibility and mobility products for commercial and residential applications, has announced the release of the AmeriGlide Pool Lift at an extremely competitive price of $2999. Available for purchase on, the release of the AmeriGlide Pool Lift comes at a time when every public pool covered under Title II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act will be required to have a pool lift installed by January 31, 2013.

A USA Today article dated March 15th states, “There are about 51,000 hotels in the USA, and the majority have some kind of pool”. Many hotels across the country have both a pool and spa, requiring the hotel to purchase a pool lift for each. Jeff Sheffer, CEO of AmeriGlide, comments “We expect demand for this lift to be substantial as it is the best priced solution available in a commercial grade pool lift.”

There are a few pool lifts on the market that are being offered at the $2999 price point, but none of which that are offering a lift of such high quality. At over 40% off MSRP, AmeriGlide is offering a higher quality product, while matching the low price point of its competitors.

The AmeriGlide Pool Lift is a fixed pool lift that is easily installed using four concrete anchor bolts to securely mount the lift to the pool deck, making it a fully ADA compliant pool lift. The lift can be easily removed from the anchor mount for seasonal storage. Pool operators will not have to worry about putting the lift in storage on a daily basis, because of a durable, powder coat finish. The hand controller and battery pack can also easily be removed for storage.

Quantity Discounts are available through if you are purchasing three or more units.

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