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Fischer Technology is the leading innovator of Coating Thickness Measurement, Material Testing, and Material Analysis Instrumentation.

Application Laboratories

More and more, demanding measurement applications require highly-qualified technical support. FISCHER helps its customers to meet these challenges through its applications laboratory. We can help you solve your measurement dilemmas and determine which of our instruments will be the right fit for your application.


Fischer Technology provides superior service and customer support with service locations on the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest. Fischer technicians are also available to provide onsite support including set-up, maintenance, and calibration.


Handheld Coating thickness measurement

Fischer offers a complete range of hand held coating thickness gauges ideally suited for measurements of paint, powder coating, plating and anodize. The new FISCHER DataCenter software, for quick and easy data transfer to your PC and personalized inspection reports, is included with Fischer's handheld instruments. All Fischer units and foils come certified at no additional charge.

The FMP Series product line include the DUALSCOPE®, DELTASCOPE®, and ISOSCOPE® coating thickness gauges. The gauges measure over ferrous, non-ferrous, or both substrates with automatic substrate recognition. They can measure thin, thick, soft, and duplex coatings and can adapt to any measuring application using the large selection of interchangeable F-probes which yield extreme accuracy and a wide measurement range. Probes are available for hard to measure areas such as inside, curvature, and surface roughness. Bluetooth® wireless technology is available. Fischer also offers the pocket sized MP0 and MP0R Series, which has two large displays and integrated wear resistant hard metal tip probe. These instruments give fast, precise, repeatable readings and are very easy to use.

FISCHERSCOPE® X-Ray Fluorescence Instruments for Coating Thickness Measurement and Material Analysis

Fischer's X-Ray fluorescence instruments utilize an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (ED-XRFA) method. The measurement and control software allows for the simultaneous thickness measurement and analysis of even complex coating systems, with or without calibration standards. The broad assortment of instruments can determine single or multiple coatings on the smallest structures or large components, trace analysis required by RoHs, or testing of jewelry and gold.

Other products offered by Fischer include:

· PHASCOPE® PMP10 for measurements according to the phase-sensitive Eddy current method. Ideally suited for measuring the non-ferrous metal coatings on steel fasteners and other small plated parts.

· PHASCOPE® DUPLEX measures individual thickness values of multi-layer coatings used in the automotive and appliance industries.

· FISCHERSCOPE® MMS®, a desktop universal measurement system, is designed for coating thickness and materials testing according to the magnetic, magnetic induction, Eddy current, beta backscatter and electrical resistance measuring methods.

· Fischer has a broad assortment of calibration standards. All Fischer calibration foils and standards are serialized and certified.

Material Testing Instruments

· FERITSCOPE® for material testing of the quality of weld seams in steel construction

· ANOTEST® for quick and simple on-site measurements for anodic coatings on aluminum

· SIGMASCOPE® for the measurement of the electrical conductivity of metals such as aluminum or copper

· FISCHERSCOPE® AND PICODENTOR® for measurement systems to determine the Martens Hardness in the micro- and nano- ranges

For additional information regarding the measurement of coating thickness, hardness measurement, or material analysis contact Fischer Technology at 860-683-0781 or visit us online at

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