First Time at ACHEMA for Latest Systems as Malvern Shows Breadth of Materials Characterization Range

For the Laboratory: Hall 5.1 stand B44-C44
For the Process Line: Hall 5.0 stand H41

24 March 2009: Malvern, UK: A number of Malvern products will make their first ACHEMA appearances this year (11-15 May 2009, Frankfurt, Germany), with the company exhibiting on two stands, one focusing on analysis in the laboratory and the other in the process sector. Recently launched and on display will be Malvern's Kinexus rotational rheometer, Zetasizer APS and Zetasizer µV particle characterization systems, a new application for the Morphologi G3, and a new photodiode array detector for the Viscotek TDAmax(TM) gel permeation chromatography system. On the process stand, visitors will be able to take tours of Insitec particle sizing systems using exciting new three-dimensional interactive electronic simulations.


Malvern's Kinexus is a revolutionary new rotational rheometer platform. It incorporates technological innovations in the most critical areas of rheometer design, from sample preparation and loading, through measurement set-up and operation, to data analysis and reporting. Adaptive intelligence allows Kinexus to actively guide users at every stage.

Zetasizer range

A new dynamic light scattering system, the Zetasizer APS automates size measurements of samples in 96- or 384-well microplates. Designed primarily for protein specialists, the system is fully automated, simply requiring users to insert the plate and press start. It allows quick and easy investigation of a protein's condition at different stages of the purification process, and at later stages of formulation under a range of environmental conditions.

Zetasizer µV

The Zetasizer µV is an advanced light scattering system specifically intended for the characterization of proteins and other biomolecules. Requiring just two microlitres of sample, it enables measurement of as little as 40 nanograms of BSA (bovine serum albumin) for example - an industry leading specification. This dedicated system supports improved understanding and management of a wide range of biomolecule applications.

Morphologi G3 - foreign particulate matter

A new capability for the award-winning Morphologi G3 particle characterization system enables the fully automated detection, enumeration and size classification of foreign particulate matter collected on a filter. Traditionally this has been the preserve of manual light microscopy. Now the Morphologi G3 brings fully automated image analysis to accelerate characterization and remove any operator subjectivity.

Sophisticated GPC/SEC

The new photodiode array (PDA) detector for the TDAmax(TM) gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC) system from Viscotek, provides a powerful and flexible tool for the rapid analysis of both polymers and biopolymers. The PDA is ideal for the analysis of blends used to produce high performance polymers, and the product streams from complex copolymerisation reactions. Its many applications in the life sciences include identifying protein conjugates and complexes, aggregation and stability, and determining concentration ratios.

Malvern specialists will be available throughout the show to advise on your specific materials characterization challenges.

About Viscotek

Viscotek, a Malvern company, is market leader in advanced chromatography (GPC/SEC), offering complete systems for protein molecular weight, size and aggregation measurements, and synthetic polymer molecular weight and distribution. Its dilute solution viscosity (DSV) instrumentation, for example, provides manual and automated solutions for polymer characterization. Triple and Tetra GPC detectors enable absolute molecular weight measurement without calibration, an online PhotoDiode Array Detector permits chemical identification, and HT-GPC solutions provide for High-Temperature GPC of polyolefins and other synthetic polymers.

About Malvern Instruments

Malvern Instruments provides a range of complementary materials characterization tools that deliver inter-related measurements reflecting the complexities of particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials and macromolecules. Analytical instruments from Malvern are used in the characterization of a wide variety of materials, from industrial bulk powders to nanomaterials and delicate macromolecules. A broad portfolio of innovative technologies is combined with intelligent, user-friendly software. These systems deliver industrially relevant data enabling our customers to make the connection between micro (such as particle size) and macro (bulk) material properties (rheology) and chemical composition (chemical imaging).

Particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, molecular weight, chemical composition and rheological properties measurements are now joined by advanced chromatography solutions (GPC/SEC), extending Malvern's technologies for protein molecular weight, size and aggregation measurements, and synthetic polymer molecular weight and distribution. The company's laboratory, at-line, on-line and in-line solutions are proven in sectors as diverse as cement production and pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Headquartered in Malvern, UK, Malvern Instruments has subsidiary organizations in all major European markets, North America, China, Korea and Japan, a joint venture in India, a global distributor network and applications laboratories around the world.

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