FireScope Adds Google(TM) Maps, Giving IT Managers At-a-Glance Understanding of Multi-Location System Health

Satellite Views, AJAX-Powered Updates, Street Maps and More Give Instant Feedback; Result Is Faster Reaction Times, More Intuitive Look at Availability, Performance and Security

ADDISON, Texas, March 6 -- FireScope, a leading developer of IT operations software, today announced it has added a mapping capability for its namesake IT operations management portal solution from Google® Maps, one of the world's best known and most complete mapping systems. By enhancing FireScope with Google Maps, users can now get a wealth of instant information about the availability, performance and security of their facilities and Internet connections, regardless of where those facilities are located across the planet.

FireScope's Google Maps mapping capability provides at-a-glance knowledge of critical system metrics in real time. The pre-set parameters can be easily customized according to any data collected by FireScope; e.g., Web server availability, network bandwidth, system security or other criteria. The interface offers graphical, satellite or hybrid views, with color-coded lines between locations that indicate connectivity status. AJAX-powered detail bubbles for each facility show the aggregated status of system assets at that location, while a zoom in/out control allows users to view assets at levels ranging from street grids to international boundaries.

Google Maps is only the latest innovation for the FireScope dashboard, a breakthrough in IT operations management. The Web-based FireScope portal, sold and installed as a network appliance or group of distributed appliances, reports on the operational status of any server, router, application, or other networked asset. Unique to FireScope is its flexible, AJAX-driven, real-time GUI comprised of portlets that can be easily tailored or even hot-deployed to fit enterprise needs. Any JSR-168 compliant portlet can be applied to the FireScope system; the solution also offers a library of portal templates suitable for any operational or analytical need.

"FireScope's new Google Maps feature has been user tested for performance and convenience. The result is a highly useful and intuitive tool with virtually no learning curve," said Mark Lynd, president of FireScope. "Because the mapping capability can be displayed on PCs or on wall-sized plasma displays, the real-time information it presents can be of great value to IT administrators at any level, individuals or work groups alike."

In addition to its other advantages, FireScope Google Maps can be added in any number to fit the needs of specific groups or disciplines within the enterprise. For example, a networking group can monitor link status, a security group can instantly see when a VPN tunnel is compromised, while a compliance group can track instances of policy violations.

The FireScope platform was designed by senior IT executives who, as front- line IT staffers, were frustrated with the quality of IT operations management products available. "Because our company has a keen understanding of the needs of IT management professionals, we've created a solution that is both practical and easy to use," said Lynd. "Google Maps is an extension of that mindset, giving users the fastest, most comprehensive, most powerful and insightful product on the market."

With solutions starting at $10,000, FireScope is a cost-effective way for any IT operation to easily maintain a "high-9's" performance, availability and security record. For more information, including a demo of FireScope's new Google Maps mapping capability, visit .

About FireScope:

FireScope, Inc. offers a single solution that provides a real-time view of the health of IT operations by collecting and processing security, performance and availability data from nearly any server, router, security point solution or other networked device. It's built from multiple industry-proven open- source programs and integrated into an easy to use, Web-based dashboard. Solution options range from 20 monitored devices to thousands, making FireScope a product that can be tailored for businesses of any size. FireScope, Inc. is headquartered in La Palma, California, and provides organizations with actionable business intelligence concerning the health and security of all critical IT assets, regardless of operating system or platform with its FireScope line of security appliances. To learn more about FireScope and the solutions it provides, visit .

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