Fire Suppression Aerosol Spray protects diverse environments.

Press Release Summary:

Fully functional over its 10-year service life, Aero-K® heat-sensitive thermal unit activates upon detection of fire. Generators produce ultra-fine, potassium-based aerosol spray to extinguish fire without depleting oxygen. Also able to be activated manually or automatically from compatible releasing device, non-electrical unit has response time, environmentally friendly formulation, and concentration levels that allow use in diverse industries.

Original Press Release:

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.Announces an Innovative Aero- K® Fire Suppression Aerosol Spray Thermal Unit

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc., in Denver, Colorado, announces an Innovative Aero- K® Fire Suppression aerosol spray Thermal Unit, a non electrical devise that is heat activated to quickly extinguish a fire. Upon detection of a fire, the heat sensitive thermal unit is activated. The Aero- K® unit can also be activated manually or automatically from a compatible releasing device. Upon activation, the Aero- K® generators produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol spray to extinguish the fire. Aero- K® does not deplete oxygen and is environmentally friendly. As a result of near immediate response time, environmentally safe, and low fire extinguishing concentration, the Aero- K® thermal units can be used in a vast array of industries. Aero- K® has a ten year service life. Aero- K® Thermal Unit critical applications include: Electronic Cabinets, CNC Machines, Data Processing Equipment, Hazmat Storage, Marine, Auto, Train Engines, Small Boats, Paint Spray Booths, Wind Turbines, and a host of machinery applications. Aero- K® generators come in a variety of sizes with mounting brackets.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is a 32 year old manufacturer and marketer of magnetic media products, computer and server Room furniture, portable air conditioners from 9000 through 60,000 BTU's hard drive and magnetic tape degaussers, and a WATERLESS Aerosol Fire Suppression system for Server and Computer Rooms.

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