Fire Alarm Control Panels utilize intelligent sensing.

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ONYX Series, comprised of NFS-640 and NFS-3030, is available with ONYX Intelligent Sensing to promote response speed and accuracy. Delivering intelligent response to incipient fire signatures while minimizing nuisance alarms, technologies include cooperative sensing, supervisory smoke, detector sensitivity adjust, maintenance warnings, and pre-alarm. Data from multiple sensors is analyzed so that panels can verify uniform smoke spread over distances to identify true fire conditions.

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NOTIFIER Announces ONYX Intelligent Sensing Technology

NORTHFORD, Conn. - NOTIFIER, a world leading manufacturer of commercial fire alarm technology and systems and part of Honeywell's (NYSE: HON) Life Safety Group, announces ONYX Intelligent Sensing. Designed to increase speed and accuracy of response, ONYX Intelligent Sensing features the most advanced sensing technology on the market today, and is available only through the ONYX Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels from NOTIFIER.

ONYX Intelligent Sensing technology delivers rapid, intelligent response to incipient fire signatures, while substantially reducing nuisance alarms. By integrating our leading edge sensing and control technologies, NOTIFIER systems offer stability and early warning capability unmatched in the fire protection industry.

The technologies of ONYX Intelligent Sensing include Cooperative Sensing, Supervisory Smoke, detector sensitivity adjust, maintenance warnings and a self-optimizing pre-alarm. Cooperative Sensing analyzes data from multiple sensors so that the ONYX Series panels are able to verify uniform smoke spread over distances to accurately identify true fire conditions, while minimizing nuisance alarms caused by dust, moisture or spurious smoke at a single device. Supervisory Smoke is the preferred solution where the probability of unwarranted alarms is high or where smoke sensitivity is set to an extremely low level for use as a pre-alarm or maintenance alert.

In addition to intelligent sensing technology, NOTIFIER also offers sophisticated smoke sensing products such as: Acclimate(TM), a self-adjusting multi-criteria sensor; HARSH(TM), for dirty and dusty environments unsuitable for traditional smoke detection, and the VIEW® laser detector, for critical applications requiring ultra-sensitivity and maximum stability.

ONYX Intelligent Sensing is only available with NOTIFIER's ONYX Series of intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels, consisting of the NFS-640 and NFS-3030. The ONYX Series utilizes powerful and intelligent fire detection technology to make for simpler installation and programming and provide the maximum level of fire protection available.

NOTIFIER is part of the Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Life Safety Group.

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