Finish Boring Head provides micro adjustment.

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Model M03/Speed Boring Head offers 7 tool bodies to cover boring diameters from 24.8-206 mm. Rough adjustment of rotating clamping holder to graduation collar on external diameter allows fine adjustment up to 0.00008 in. To compensate for insert wear, fine adjustment can be accomplished while tool is still mounted on machine spindle. When insert position is changed, automatic balancing adjustment is made via weight that lies diametrically opposite.

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New Finish Boring Head Provides Micro Adjustment

Schaumburg, IL... Komet of America, Inc. has introduced the new MO3/ Speed micro-adjustable boring head to its line. The finish boring is a demanding machining operation. The M03/Speed micro-adjustable boring system has provided a tried and tested performance with its high precision adjustment mechanism. From the rough adjustment for the rotating clamping holder to the graduation collar on the external diameter allows fine adjustment of up to 0.00008" (0.002 mm)

The fine adjustment to compensate the insert wear or after measurement is performed is accomplished easily and accurately while the tool is still mounted on the machine spindle. When the insert position is changed an automatic balancing adjustment is made via the convenient balancing weight that lies diametrically opposite. This is a balancing operation on the adjustment plane for the insert.

This is done with seven basic M03/Speed tool bodies to cover a boring diameter range from 24.8 to 206 mm (0.976" to 8.110). Maximum changeover accuracy is guaranteed with the ABS connection.

For finish boring of larger diameters from 100 mm to 206 mm (3.937" to 8.110"), three adaptable and replaceable bridges are used along with a basic ABS 63 tool body.

The new and improved M03/Speed Micro-adjustable Finish boring head also offers flexibility with its replaceable insert holders. This is the unique and new feature of the improved M03/Speed product line.

For diameters over 206 mm to 1000 mm (8.110" to 39.370"), Komet offers modular bridge type boring tools. In a modular design this tool system consist of standard elements and elements which are selected for length based on the customer specification. Komet offers a broad-based program of tools for demanding internal machining tasks.

For complete details contact: KOMET of AMERICA, Inc.; 2050 Mitchell Blvd. Schaumburg, IL 60193-4544, 847.923.8400, FAX: 800.865.6638 or email

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