Finger-Safe Terminal Blocks come with jumper, screwdriver.

Press Release Summary:

SAFE CIRCUITS 10-pole terminal block comes in standard size screw clamp version (SC-AVK), miniature size screw clamp version (SC-MVK), and standard size tension clamp version (SC-PYK). Designed to ensure personnel safety as well as external object contact, products can handle 20 A each and are UL approved and recognized. Included 10-pole jumper, which can be cut down to any size, is included for when common distribution of voltage or signals is necessary.

Original Press Release:

American Electrical Introduces SAFE CIRCUITS - a New 10 Pole Terminal Block with Jumper and Screwdriver

The new SAFE CIRCUITS, 10 pole terminal block, with 10 pole jumper and screwdriver is the new answer for safe, quality, wiring connections for up to 20 Amps (UL) per circuit.  Forget open terminal barrier strips - that is, if you don't mind if someone gets shocked or you don't care if objects can freely come in contact with your circuitry !  SAFE CIRCUITS provides finger safe, high quality connections that insure personnel safety as well as making sure no objects can come in contact with them.

They come in three types

1.  A standard size screw clamp version p/n SC-AVK  $25.92 list

2.  A miniature size screw clamp version p/n SC-MVK  $26.70 list

3.  A standard size tension clamp version p/n SC-PYK  $27.64 list

The circuits can handle 20 Amps each and are UL approved and recognized.  They come with a 10 pole jumper if you need to have a common distribution of voltage or signals (the jumper can be cut down to any size from 10 easily).  The screwdriver has an ergonomic design so that the proper torque can be applied as well as fitting easily in your hand.

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