Find All Your Vinyl Extrusion Solutions at K-Ter Imagineering Inc.: New Water Dip Cooling Process Unveiled!

Kansas City, MO, June 11, 2009- K-Ter Imagineering Inc. is the solution to your production requirement needs. For 28 plus years, we have supplied equipment or developed processes to solve problems with our customer's Vinyl Siding production requirements. K-Ter developed the post form Vinyl Siding extrusion process and we are excited to unveil a new process for our customers.

Introducing the Water Dip Cooling System:

o Revolutionary patented method of cooling Sheet Extrusions

o Exceeds cooling roll capabilities

o Proven to run faster, increasing productivity

o Running 10 ft/min faster will increase production 4 million feet annually

o Cost justifies itself in weeks

Benefits of our Water Dip Cooling Process:

o Reduces jam ups & down time

o Temperature changes are instant

o Maintains even temperature across the sheet

o Higher speed potential

o Less maintenance than cooling rolls

o Works with PVC, ASA, or Acrylic cap materials

o Mounts on existing embossing stands

o Supports Vision Inspection systems

For more information on our new water dipped cooling systems, please contact:

K-Ter Imagineering, Inc.

Steve Miner

Sales Executive

8600 N.E. Underground Dr.

Kansas City, MO 64161

Phone: 816-453-6551

Fax: 816-453-4689

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