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Jun 27, 2008 - Financial projection software, MG-ALFA® v6.6, delivers functionality for complete spectrum of actuarial modeling needs, from pricing and ALM projections to stochastic and nested stochastic analysis. In addition to forward referencing formulas for ALM models, functionality supports for modeling equity indexed annuities as well as managing liability input data that varies by plan code. Software also offers capacities for variable annuity and unlimited liability projection.

Original Press Release

Milliman Releases MG-ALFA® Version 6.6

Press release date: Jun 16, 2008

Industry Leader Continues Advances in Technology, Performance and Functionality

SEATTLE, June 16 -- Milliman, Inc., the international firm of consultants and actuaries, announced today that it has released the newest version of its MG-ALFA financial projection software. The major enhancements to the market leading software solution include:

-- ALM performance improvements reducing runtimes by as much as 20% -- Revisions to allow for forward referencing formulas for ALM models -- New variable annuity functionality to allow for profit solving across stochastic scenarios -- Enhancements for modeling equity indexed annuities -- A new option to allow for managing liability input data that varies by plan code

This release completes a multi-year initiative to enhance speed and capacity. The overall results of the initiative include:

-- Unlimited liability projection capacity (seriatim capacity for millions of policies) -- ALM projection capacity in excess of 200,000 liability model points and dynamic asset interaction -- Very significant reduction in run times in all processing modes -- Integration with four grid computing platform options

As for the future of MG-ALFA, Patricia Renzi, MG-ALFA Product Manager, explains that "Our efforts over the past several years have been focused on creating an efficient and complete platform to support the stochastic and nested stochastic calculations required under the emerging requirements such as PBA, IFRS, Solvency 2 and MCEV. With that now fully in place, we are focusing our development efforts on tools to facilitate analysis, audit, and reporting for these stochastic and nested stochastic projections, as well as the migration of our user interface and data model to the .Net platform. We are also adding options to integrate MG-ALFA as the stochastic valuation component within the enterprise IT infrastructure."


MG-ALFA is financial projection software developed and supported by Milliman and used by leading life insurance and financial firms worldwide to perform financial projections. MG-ALFA supports a broad range of assets and liabilities and delivers functionality for the complete spectrum of actuarial modeling needs, from pricing and ALM projections to stochastic and nested stochastic analysis. MG-ALFA is uniquely positioned to meet emerging regulatory and accounting changes around the globe and offers multiple grid computing solutions to deliver the speed and capacity necessary to meet all requirements in a practical timeframe.

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