Financial Services Analytics Software runs in-database.

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Run completely in-database, FIN Lytix(TM) provides suite of financial analytics. Available functions in library include options and derivatives pricing, fixed income valuation, time series analysis, and portfolio management. Financial institutions can use in-database analytics to meet challenges posed by environmental factors such as pre- and post-trade risk. Also, institutions can back-test their investment and trading strategies using historical data.

Original Press Release:

Fuzzy Logix Unveils FIN Lytix(TM) - In-Database Analytics for Financial Services

BOSTON -- Fuzzy Logix, LLC, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, today unveiled FIN Lytix(TM), a suite of financial analytics that runs completely in-database. Included in the library are functions for options and derivatives pricing, fixed income valuation, time series analysis and portfolio management.

According to Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix, financial institutions can use in-database analytics to meet the challenges posed by the current environment, namely pre- and post-trade risk. In addition, FIN Lytix(TM) enables institutions to effectively back-test their investment and trading strategies using large amounts of historical data.

Fuzzy Logix, LLC is also announcing a tight integration between its GPU-based analytics accelerator, the Tanay ZXnW Series (powered by Tesla cards C2090 from NVIDIA), with Netezza TwinFin appliances using dedicated 10GigE or InfiniBand connections. The combination of TwinFin and Tanay enables customers to leverage the computing power of GPUs along with the superior storage and analytics warehousing features presented by Netezza. Customers can store portfolio and pricing related data on the TwinFin appliance and perform the intense calculations that are required in areas such as market risk, intra-day risk, pre-trade risk or pricing of exotics using the Tanay accelerator in a seamless fashion. Using this tightly integrated solution, customers can now analyze the risk in their investment portfolios by performing trillions of complex Monte Carlo simulations in seconds and thereafter storing the various risk scenarios on the TwinFin platform for effective reporting and back-testing.

Fuzzy Logix and Netezza will demonstrate the performance of FIN Lytix(TM) at Netezza's Enzee Universe June 20th - 22nd in Boston, MA at their booth and also in a presentation session. The presentation will be Tuesday, June 21st from 4:15p - 5:05p in Harbor Ballroom 2 of the Westin Waterfront hotel and is entitled "Financial Services: Demos of In-Database Analytics at Work." The session will include demonstrations of calculating NBBO, VWAP and VAR using FIN Lytix(TM) in-database models running inside Netezza hardware.

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix is a leading predictive analytics software and services company. Fuzzy Logix enables companies to embed in-database analytics directly into their business processes, data warehouses, enterprise applications, devices, and web services. By directly integrating analytics into the areas where data already resides, Fuzzy Logix enables enormous processing efficiencies and dramatically reduces the cycle time for analytics.

In addition to FIN Lytix(TM), Fuzzy Logix offers GPU-based solutions and a comprehensive in-database analytics library, "DB Lytix," which was released in 2009. The ultimate vision of Fuzzy Logix is to make analytics pervasive in all walks of life.

For more information:

Please visit us at booth #5 at Netezza Enzee Universe on June 20-22, 2011 in Boston. You may also visit or contact Michael Upchurch at +1.704.807.7107 and or Peter Sollimo at +1.617.388.4497 and

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