Filtration System removes contaminants in hydraulic oil.

Press Release Summary:

Portable Hydraulic Oil Filtration System connects to injection molding machine oil reservoir through 2 lines and can be equipped with quick connect/disconnect fittings. Flow rates range from 3-24 gpm and filter through 3 filtration stages. Using cycle of passes through system, 98% of all contaminants are removed, extending hydraulic oil life 8-10 times or more.

Original Press Release:

The Leading Preventable Cause of Injection Molding Machine Breakdown is Hydraulic System Malfunction

Without proper maintenance, your hydraulic systems components life span may be reduced by up to 75%. This leads not only to costly equipment repair, but to expensive down time as well. Combine that with new, stricter environmental regulations concerning the disposal of waste oil, and you have a potential operating capital drain. With the application being Hydraulic oil, the primary degrader of oil, HEAT, is not a factor. Water and dirt particles are the enemies of the hydraulic oil.

Our engineered process removes these contaminants¹ quickly and efficiently. Our portable systems will connect to the injection molding machine oil reservoir through two 1² lines. The units can be equipped with quick connect/disconnect fittings. The flow rates range from 3 ­ 24 GPM and filter through three filtration stages. Using a cycle of passes through the system, 98 percent of all contaminants are removed from the hydraulic oil. This simple service can extend your hydraulic oil life 8 ­ 10 times or more.

The Glanon Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is shipped from the factory equipped and ready for immediate service. Portable and easily maneuverable, this system can service multiple Injection Molding Machines in a single day.

An Injection Molding Machine can easily be serviced without manually draining and refilling the oil. Hydraulic system maintenance hours will be reduced, oil life will be increased, and environmental impact will be minimized.

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