Filtration System features permanent-media design.

Press Release Summary:

Self-cleaning Cast-Iron CDF Filtration System eliminates cast-iron chips and fines as small as 25 microns from recirculating coolant without need for disposable filter media.
System is available with capacities ranging from 10-300 gpm in wide range of sizes to meet needs of single-machines or cells in cast-iron machining operations.

Original Press Release:

New Hennig CDF Filter Greatly Improves Efficiency of Cast Iron Chip Filtration

MACHESNEY PARK, IL - Hennig, Inc. has introduced a new Cast-Iron CDF Filtration System that makes coolant filtration and chip removal in cast iron applications more reliable, economical and effective than previously possible with existing technology.

With the addition of the Cast Iron CDF Filtration System to the popular line of Hennig CDF filters, users now can apply a proven, self-cleaning, permanent-media filtration technology to their cast-iron machining operations to eliminate even large volumes of cast-iron chips and fines from recirculating coolant -- and without the need for costly disposable filter media.

The new system uses the patented Hennig CDF (Chip Disc Filtration) technology, featuring a simple, economical and highly effective 'permanent-media' design, proven in hundreds of installations worldwide. As compared to the more expensive vacuum filters or replaceable media paper filters most commonly used for cast-iron filtration, the new Hennig filtration system offers numerous benefits, including:

o The ability to significantly lower cost by eliminating the hazardous waste disposal costs of paper media, and by greatly extending the useful life of coolant by filtering 'fines' as small as 25 microns before recirculating the coolant back to the machine.

o Greatly reducing filtration maintenance requirements by minimizing the potential for clogged coolant lines, which can cause extended periods of machine downtime, and greatly reducing the time needed to clean out the coolant reservoir.

o The availability of a wide range of sizes and capacities to choose from to meet many single-machine, cell or system requirements, with capacities ranging from 10 to 300 gpm.

"Until now, there's simply never been a reliable, economical and effective way to filter cast-iron chips and 'fines' from coolant," concludes Hennig Vice President Greg Champion. "Cast-iron fines are notoriously hard to remove. Now, a simple, cost-efficient system is finally available for effectively removing cast-iron chips and fines from coolant. End users can take considerable cost out of their cast-iron machining processes, and improve workpiece quality, with a unit that will pay for itself in a just a matter of months."

It's just the latest in Hennig's growing line of products for the metalworking industries, including steel way covers, protective bellows, telescoping springs, and chip conveyors.

For more information, contact: Greg Champion, Hennig, Inc., 9900 North Alpine Rd., Machesney Park, IL 61115. Phone: (815) 636-9900. Fax: (815) 636-9737.

For more information, contact: Greg Champion (815) 636-9900 ext, 201

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