Filter/Regulator/Lubricator cleans machine airflow.

Press Release Summary:

Filter unit is provided with sintered-bronze element, which varies in micron as per degree of purity to be achieved in filtration. Shield and separator arrangement ensure separation of condensed water/oil particles. Diaphragm-operated, self-relieving regulator has balanced poppet and flow-sensing venturi. Mist-type lubricator enables proportionate lubrication of airflow. Both filter and lubricator are provided with bayonet-type bowl guards for added safety.

Original Press Release:

Filter +Regulator +Lubricator

Neumatic Shoppe brings forth a compact single unit comprising of filter, rgulator, lubricator. The filter unit is provided with sintered bronze element, which varies in micron as per degree of purity to be achieved in filtration. The element is assembled with a sheild and a seperator arrangement which ensures efficient seperation of condensed water /oil particles. Further the element filters, pipe scale, rust, dirt, etc. The regulator is diaphragm operated and self-releiving and provided with balanced poppet. It has flow sensing venturi for quick response. The push to lock ajusting knob enables locking the knob in any set pressure of the regulator. The lubricator are mist type. The adjusting screw sets of the required lubricator and the oil drop can be seen through sight feed dome. It enables proportionate lubrication of air flow. Both the filter and lubricator units are provided with bowl guards for extra safety. These are bayonet type and are easily removable for cleaning the bowl; filling the oil etc. The unit are operationally and ethically very efficient and enhance overall look of any machine.

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