Filter Pump Announces One of its Most Popular Vertical Pumps, the Penguin Series PSS 316 Stainless Steel Vertical In-Tank Pumps, is Now Available in Titanium

Sun Valley, CA 91352  – Filter Pump diversifies its line of Vertical Pumps with the latest PT Series in Titanium, unsurpassed for use in many industrial applications, proudly manufactured in the United States.

Penguin Series PSS and PT Pumps are compact and simple in design, having only one moving part, yet highly efficient with proven performance. These corrosion-resistant all-purpose pumps are ideal for many OEM wet processing applications. Whether you are pumping cleaners, caustics, salt solutions, chlorinated solvents, photographic chemicals, deionized water, fatty, phosphoric, citric, or lactic acids, these liquids can be pumped with confidence. Maximum temperature ratings are primarily dependent on the elastomer employed and the vapor pressure of the liquid being pumped.

Titanium's long-term reliability makes it an excellent metal choice in a vertical pump. Titanium is a metal alloy unaffected by corrosive solutions and can withstand the harsh conditions that exist with many chemicals. The atomic structure of Titanium gives it low density, strength and resistance to high temperatures for rigorous industrial applications.

These 316 stainless steel and Titanium vertical pumps utilize a replaceable coupled shaft using multiple set screws which minimize problems associated with shaft deflection and misalignment. This allows the use of standard NEMA motors, which are readily available at most local motor suppliers, thus saving prolonged downtime and cost. Standard elastomers are EPR. Optional viton and PTFE elastomers are also available. PTFE slinger/disk provides optimum bottom motor bearing protection against corrosive chemical fumes.

Filter Pump prides itself on tremendous in-house, highly skilled engineering and service staff available to assist customers. Customers do not get a barrage of voicemails to muddle through to get the technical assistance they need. Manufacturing located in Southern California, personalized service and short lead times on all products identify Filter Pump Industries as well respected in the industry. All pumps are factory bench-tested to ensure trouble-free service when properly maintained.

For further information, please visit the Filter Pump Industries web site: or contact them by phone at 818-504-0884, or email them at:

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Filter Pump Industries has been a leader in metal finishing and fluid management systems for over  45 years. We offer a complete line of high performance pumps, filter systems and filtration medias manufactured in the United States. Quality, performance and value – our motto at Filter Pump Industries.

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