Filter Cartridges suit drinking-water treatment systems.

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WaterSoft(TM) spun fiber and string-wound cartridges are made from bacteria- and chemical-resistant polypropylene fiber, while pleated media cartridges offer high wet-strength for multiple re-use. Housing types include multi-purpose, valve-in-head, and jumbo. All are corrosion resistant with sumps clear or opaque sumps. In-line filters reduce odors, sediments, and off-tastes. S-Models feature SILIPHOS® Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for protecting plumbing and equipment.

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AMTROL Introduces WaterSoft(TM) Line of Filters and Catridges

Broad range of cartridges, filters for residential, commercial anid industrial applications West Warwick, R.I. (October 25, 2002) - AMTROL, a world-leading provider of advanced water system solutions, has introduced its WaterSoft(TM) line of filters and cartridges for water treatment systems, including economical in-line filters and stainless steel housings. The WaterSoft line of filter cartridges offers a broad range of cartridge styles and micron ratings for virtually all particulate filtration applications. Filter types include spun-fiber, string-wound, and pleated-media cartridges, as well as extruded carbon block, granular-activated, and general-purpose activated carbon filter cartridges. All are available in special lengths, diameters, and configurations for all water filtration needs. AMTROL's spun fiber and string-wound cartridges are entirely made from polypropylene fiber, which is resistant to bacteria and chemicals, while pleated media cartridges offer superior wet-strength for multiple re-use. Highly efficient chlorine, taste and odor reduction and effective sediment filtration are benefits of AMTROL's extruded carbon block cartridges and granular and general-purpose activated carbon cartridges. The WaterSoft line of versatile filter cartridge housings can be used in a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Filter cartridge housing types include multi-purpose, valve-in-head and jumbo housings. AMTROL's filter cartridge housings are made of rugged, corrosion-resistant materials for a long trouble-free life, have sumps available in clear and opaque and have mounting brackets and wrenches available for all models. To round out the WaterSoft line, AMTROL's in-line filters reduce odors, sediments and off-tastes, while "S" Models feature a SILIPHOS® Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor that protects and extends the life of plumbing and equipment. The WaterSoft line of stainless steel housings are made of heavy-duty construction for demanding residential, commercial or industrial applications, and accept most sediment and taste/odor replacement filter cartridges. AMTROL was founded in 1946 on the basis that innovation, quality and service will be rewarded with customer loyalty and support. AMTROL is a world-leading provider of advanced water system solutions, including systems for storage, treatment, heating and expansion, as well as flow controls and a variety of related HVAC products. The company serves the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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