Fillmore Container Introduces Handcrafted Mason Jar Straw Lids

Lancaster, PA – Fillmore Container has expanded its wholesale party supplies to include a larger variety of products, including Mason Jar Straw Lids.

Fillmore Container's regular mouth canning lids are now available with a 3/8" (9mm) straw hole to accommodate most drinking straws. The lids are made in the USA, and finished by Lancaster County craftsmen. 

The new Mason Jar Straw Lids are available in green, black, pink, red, blue, light blue, yellow, white, silver and gold. In addition to the regular mouth one-piece lids Fillmore Container also has Mason Jar Straw Lids available in one-piece (gold) and two-piece (silver) wide mouth lids.

These new lids are a simple and colorful way to dress up mason jars for drinks. They are pair well with Fillmore Container's Mason Jar Handled Mugs and colorful paper straws.

Mason Jar Straw Lids are available for purchase from Fillmore Container.

Mason Jar Handled Mugs are available for purchase here.

Paper Straws are available here.

About Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container, formed in 1995 and based in Lancaster, PA, is a distributor of packaging products and candle making supplies. Its mission is to offer the best selection, price and service for quality glass containers including food containers, closures, canning accessories, candle containers, candle wax, fragrance oils, candle wicks, and candle accessories. Fillmore Container is dedicated to supplying the best price, service and logistical support for packaging needs. Products are suitable for food & beverage, drug & pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications.


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